5 Ways Introverts Can Master Public Speaking

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It’s assumed that introverts are either antisocial or lonely. They rarely talk because they prefer listening to others and spending time with their thoughts instead of hanging out with their friends. Introverts are actually awesome. But public speaking is probably the last thing on an introvert’s mind. Does this mean they’re paralyzed in public? Absolutely not.

According to Psychology Today, researchers suggest that extroverts constitute 50-74% of the population, while introverts make up the remaining 16-50%. That’s no small number, and out of that, many are forced to speak on a public platform, which they manage to do. If they can do it, so can you.

So if you’re an introvert looking to get better at public speaking, here are some easy tips to follow:


Calm your body before trying to calm your mind

Before any big speech, your brain will always be buzzing, not necessarily with ideas but with all the things that could go wrong. All this makes it difficult for you to calm your mind, so just go ahead and calm your body. Yawn, shake every limb of your body, stand up straight, basically do anything that relaxes your body and your head will follow. 

Practice, and then practice some more

Ever saw a speaker hold the attention of the audience for long, or leave them in splits with their impeccable comic timing? Sure there’s some talent involved in that, but a lot of it is still hours and hours of practice. So before your big speech, it’s better if you put in as much time as you can perfecting your carefully crafted speech.


Tell yourself, “It’s showtime!”

A lot of orators are known for treating their speech as a show. That way they’re focusing on making the speech all about the audience, and less about themselves. This decreases the pressure a little and makes you think of ways you can connect with your audience like a showman first and a speaker later. 

Think about the audience as much as your speech

What interests your audience? Is it your life’s story, a solution to a tough problem, an interesting take on a burning issue? Once you figure this out, think about unique ways of presenting it to them without worrying too much about being judged or overthinking about entertaining them through and through. Take pointers on body language and stage presence from the introvert’s guide to public speaking


Don’t forget to smile

You’ve done your preparation, you’ve got the story right down to the bone, now all that’s left for you to connect with your audience is smiling. It’s so simple you won’t even think it works. Smile as you enter the room, and smile with the audience before you start speaking. This way, you’ll be a lot more relaxed and confident when you’re speaking.

The common belief that extroverts are better at public speaking isn’t always the case. Certain qualities introverts possess, like being alone, helps them plan and prepare for a speech much more thoroughly than an extrovert who is better inclined to winging it. It’s all about channeling the qualities you have in the right manner than trying to be something you’re not.

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