‘At 17, my family sent me to see a psychologist’: Roger Federer Opens Up

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He is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He has won several titles on the court and off the court, won hearts and the most profound admiration of countless fans. However, Roger Federer, 19-time Grand Slam Champion was not always the cool and composed player that we all see and cheer for today.

In one of his interviews, Roger Federer revealed that in his growing years, especially the teenage, he used to be one angry fella. His behaviour was to such an extreme that his family thought it was best for him to visit a psychologist.

“There was a time when I used to throw my racket a lot, and when I was 16, I was even chased off the court because of it,” Federer revealed.

At 17, my family decided that I had to go to a psychologist because I was so angry on the court. From that moment on, my growth has been constant.

The champion we see today is quite a far cry from the angry teen as described by Federer. Even though he has dominated the sport through and through in the last decade, Federer revealed that he was planning to quit back in 2004 when he became World Number 1.

“After becoming the number one in 2004, I actually considered quitting. I had accomplished everything I had set out to,” Federer said.

But he also added that since he had nothing else to prove any further, he could just go about enjoying his game and any victory would be nothing but a bonus.

The Swiss ace revealed quite a few things about his past in this interview. A coach had once told him that he could never become a professional tennis player. According to Federer, one of the reasons he cries after crucial outcomes of every match is because he’s reminded of all such past moments and the sacrifices he made to reach where he is today.

I am the sort of person who lets the tears flow. I let them flow because I remember that coach who told me I would go nowhere in tennis.

“In those moments, I think of how many sacrifices I’ve made to get to where I am. But, I must actually thank that person because, especially in the first years of my career, he gave me the urge to move on,” he added.

Roger Federer’s inspiring story shows us that no matter how talented or gifted one is, a little help and timely guidance can often do wonders. If you too are looking to unleash your true self, connect with our Experts and get the right guidance right when you need it.

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