8 Signs That Reveal That You’re In a Toxic Workplace

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No matter what you do, where your career takes you, there are chances that at least once in your career, you’ll end up working in a work environment that is as toxic as it gets. It’s essential that you identify the signs of a toxic work environment because failing to do so will only result in severe stress, making you even fear for your career prospects or lead to work-related mental disorders. Here are eight signs that’ll help you figure out whether your current workplace is toxic for your health and mental well-being or not.

Your colleagues are as unprofessional as unprofessional gets

Overly negative colleagues or people who don’t take their jobs seriously, colleagues who shy off from providing support under the pretext of work-overload are all subtle signs that they are just looking out for themselves and not caring about the team’s progress. It not only becomes difficult to work every day, but it also takes a toll on you, as your frustration levels might just go off the charts.

Your work has become your life

Work-life balance is indeed a tricky thing to achieve, but if you’re not able to learn, and grow not just as an employee, but as an individual, you’ll soon see your moral going for nose-dive, and you know how hard it can get to bounce back from that.

The very idea of going to work bores you endlessly


tired of work

Ok, we’ve all been there, where we didn’t feel like going to work at all, it’s normal to feel like that some days, but when this repeats itself over many days, then you know something’s off. Don’t ignore it or think maybe it’s just you, because it’s a big sign that you’re working in a toxic environment, and you need to take measures to safeguard yourself from the lows working in such an environment brings with it.

As the days pass by, you’ve started noticing the warning signs

In your first few days at the job, you probably, no definitely, will miss the signs of a toxic environment, blame it on the whole “I’m so excited to land this new job” feeling. But as days go by, if you feel a sudden shift in your perception about your workplace and have started finding yourself whining about work, or noticing unprofessional behaviour, do yourself a favour, by not blaming yourself, and just listen to your gut that’s telling you that you’re in a bad workplace.

Your boss is ensuring that you don’t achieve growth


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Anyone would love to work in a place, where they achieve both professional and personal growth. But sometimes your boss just wants to make sure that it won’t happen for you. It’s hard to believe, but it can happen. Sometimes it’s subtle; sometimes it’s not. Maybe your boss will prevent you from getting promoted, or get in the way of you bagging that project where you can finally show off the skills you’ve accrued over the years. Not to mention all the micromanaging, giving you work that’s clearly not challenging enough, or playing favourites in the team, it’s a sign that you’re dealing with a bad boss and that your work-place toxicity levels are off the roof!

 Your gut is telling you to jump ship

You may have a hundred reasons to not follow your gut, but if your gut tells you to leave the workplace as soon as you can, over and over again, then maybe it’s time to just reflect upon your situation. Your gut might be telling you something that your tired mind is not able to say.

You’re just not happy anymore

Let’s face it, everyone, some time or the other, feel stressed at work. But if this keeps happening to you on a frequent basis, you’ve to step back and analyze your situation. Are you finding yourself to be really tired? Are you unable to focus on things you like doing? Do you find yourself going with the flow not sure where it’s going to lead you? If these or such type of questions have been crossing your mind, then there might be a chance that you’re in a toxic workplace, and you should ensure that it doesn’t get to you.

People who’re close to you, point out changes in you


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Your loved ones may not know the situation you’re in, but they can indeed detect the changes your work has brought in you. Whether it’s the stress of deadlines or the frustrations of working in a team that doesn’t support you, all these produce a noticeable change in your behaviour. If your loved ones point it out, pay heed to it, as they, sorry for the cliche, they know what’s best for you.

Dealing with a toxic workplace can get stressful, but don’t you worry, because help is just a click away. Connect with our Experts and get the right kind of support, right when you need it. 

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