5 Simple Ways To Be Happier

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What is the one thing we all want? To be happier. As surprising as it sounds, achieving it isn’t so difficult. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out.

Here are 5, simple, actionable tips to inculcate to become a happier version of yourself!

1. Get some exercise

get some exercise

 Source – http://yourmedguide.com

A point we have been trying to make time and again. Basically, when you exercise, endorphins, or feel good hormones are released.

Research shows that just 30 minutes of walking could actually be more effective than medication for depression. So what is holding you back? Wear your tracks, throw on a jacket, put on your running shoes and just GO!

2. Relive a positive experience

Spend just 20 minutes a day, writing about a happy experience. If you are in a relationship, spend that time writing about a happy time you spent with your partner. Research shows that this will “dramatically improve your mood”.

3. Be kind to strangers


Research explained in this book, shows that students who were asked to do 5 random acts of kindness over a week reported feeling better about themselves. And hence, reported much higher levels of happiness. So come on, help the old lady be delivering the groceries to her place and teach that nice Uncle how to pay his bills online. You will emerge richer!

4. Recharge your batteries

Basically, log off after your day. Stop responding to e-mails and engage in something completely non-work related. This is not slacking, but instead will make you more productive for the next day!

As authors of this book say, “The richest, happiest and most productive lives are characterized by the ability to fully engage in the challenge at hand, but also to disengage periodically and seek renewal.

5. Practice mindfulness


 Source – https://sharonspano.com

Mindfulness is just detaching yourself from everything and observing your thoughts and the sensations in your body, as a third person.

Research shows that practicing mindfulness, increases the density of the brain that is associated with empathy and shrinks the part of the brain associated with stress.

So five small tweaks in your lifestyle is all it takes to become happy! Why don’t you try these out and let us know what you think?

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Shailaja Shyamsukha

Shailaja is a special friend at YourDOST. She is a practicing psychologist with 2 years of experience. She has studied psychology from GITAM UNIVERSITY. She currently lives in Mumbai.