Why Your Mom Is Your First Counselor In Life (And Probably Your Best)

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So, how was your day?

Did you have lunch?

These would probably be the first few questions that your mom would ask you once you’re back home after a long day at school or work. From the time you were born, until now, there has always been one person who has been totally invested in your happiness and that’s your mom!

No matter what, she has always had your best interests at heart. She knows all your secrets, and still demands to know every single detail of your life.

Your mom has been your first friend, caregiver and counselor. No one can understand you better than your mother. She’s just like a detective. She knows exactly when you’re happy and when you’re not.

“Is everything Ok?” will be the icebreaker for the conversation when she sees you upset and no matter how many times you reply, “Yeah, I’m Ok”, she knows that you’re not OK!

She wouldn’t drop the topic until you open up and divulge all the details of why you’re upset. She would listen to you patiently and suggest a few ways to deal with the problem. After her therapy session, she would likely call you for dinner and stuff you with food.

It’s for these reasons that we believe that your mother is your first and probably your best counselor. So let’s have a look at a few unique qualities that your SuperMom possesses:

1. Patience

The one thing that most of us seem to lack is patience. But your mom has immense patience to listen to you crib, take your drama and practically everything that you do.

She might have a ton of other work to do but when you need her, she will give you all her time and attention.

2. Good Listener

Your mom would spend a significant amount of time listening to you and your stories. She would intently listen to all of it even if it has nothing to do with her. She’ll keep you on the phone for hours just to hear about the most trivial parts of your day.

Oh! And god forbid you have a bad day. There’s no escaping your mom then. She would definitely come up to you and ask you what’s wrong. She would give you all the time to express your feelings.

Mom is a patient listener

Whether it’s about horrible grades, relationship issues or just a bad day at work, she will always listen and advise you on what to do next.

3. Non-judgmental

No one can be more comforting than a mother. She wouldn’t judge you but instead communicate and connect with you to bring out your best. She would always create a comfortable environment and allow you to share your feelings and pour your heart out.

4. Empathetic and Caring

Only your mother has the ability to comprehend and share your feelings. She can put herself in your shoes and understand the situation from your perspective. She makes sure you feel understood and heard. She cares for you and she will always be there for you whenever you need her.

5. Encouraging

Your mom will provide you with optimism and hope even when there is none. She instils hope even when you feel hopeless. She will make you believe in yourself and in your potential to learn and grow.

Mom always encourages you

She has faith in your ability to do anything you wish to and she’ll go all out to help you achieve it. She would probably be the only one to support your interests and encourage you to stay true to your passion.

6. Guidance

Your mom has a say in any major decision of your life. She would probably call the shots and magically, she’s always got good advice for any situation that you may encounter. Only her ‘mom senses’ can see what you can’t. You can trust her judgement more than you trust anyone else’s. She teaches you valuable lessons in life that you wouldn’t have learnt from anyone else.

Your mom is probably going to be the only one standing beside you when everyone else has walked away. She is irreplaceable in your life and she offers the kind of advice, comfort, love and warmth that no one can.

So, go out there and tell her how much you love her and how grateful you are to her.

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