An Open Letter To A Working Mom, From Her Son

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Dear Mom,

You’re doing a great job, and I really appreciate all the sacrifice and effort that goes into balancing your personal and professional life. I understand what you go through every day when you leave home in the morning, enter office, work till the evening and return home to me at night. I understand that you feel The “Mom Guilt” and that it’s real and painful.

Do my kids know I love them? Am I giving my family enough time and attention? Am I being a good mom & wife? Am I giving my best at work? Will I get promoted?

I know that these thoughts run by your mind every single day. But mom, not once did you share your worries, concerns and problems with me. You never complain about working day and night. You’re really a strong, determined and hardworking woman. You have stepped out of your comfort zone and gone out of your way to provide for me. You work at the office during the day, get back home tired, but still have the energy to cook for me, make my bed and tuck me in.

Mom, please don’t feel guilty for not being able to give your 100% sometimes to either your work or me. Instead, please feel good and take pride in the fact that you’re able to juggle well, the roles of both a mom and an employee. Also, I completely understand how crucial it is for you to have both, a career and family.

I know there are times when you feel like you’re not doing justice to either your family or your work. I know that you wish you had more time to spend with me, pick up groceries, do the dishes, and prepare for meetings so that you could get to bed early. It must be really hectic for you to literally stay on the move from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep. You would probably feel stressed and guilty for having to divide your attention and energy between work and family. But still we give you no credit for anything that you’ve done.

Ok, now I’m feeling guilty for all the hard times that dad and I have given you.

Occasionally, you’ll feel that you’re just not good enough-at home or at work. There will be days when you feel that you’re not doing anything right, that you’re not giving your best, and that you’re letting your co-workers, kids, husband and yourself down. But forgive yourself for not being perfect. It’s completely OK to not be perfect at everything you do. Mom, please brush it off as a bad day and don’t take it to heart.

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I know how guilty you felt when you couldn’t drop me off to school though I was sick. Mom, I understand you. I knew that you had a lot of work at office and couldn’t get an off-day. I also know that you weren’t able to concentrate much on your work too. How you ask? Well, mom you pretty much kept checking on me every hour. I remember you stayed awake that night to take care of me and went to work the next day, completely deprived of sleep.

You would sacrifice going out with friends and colleagues on the weekends just to spend some quality time with dad and I. On the other hand, there were days when you got sucked into your work and hardly got time to spend with us. But, we understand you mom. You needn’t feel bad about it. We know that you always have our best interests at heart.

What’s even worse is that weekends aren’t really a holiday for you. You’ve got to do all the cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, dry cleaning and other chores that you haven’t had time to touch all week. You can’t even relax, physically or mentally, because there is always something to be done. Sadly, a mother’s work is never done!

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I’ve never met a more selfless person than you, mom. You’re day is made if you get to spend time with dad and I. Just seeing me laugh, learn and live my life gives you so much happiness.

You take every opportunity to share your wisdom and experiences in the hope that I’ll listen to it and follow it. You have practically shown me that it is possible to have it all-that, while difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible, you can balance work and family.

Mom, I’m learning a lot from you each day. I now realize that the things you did for yourself were actually the things that you did for me. I hope that I get to be at least half as good as you are, someday.

I just want you to know that you’re a great wife to papa, a great mother to me and that you’re the best we can ever have.

I Love You Mommy!

Wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day

Lots o’ love,

Your Son 🙂

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