This is what Google did when she searched “How to commit suicide”

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More often than not we approach a friend when we need help. Wouldn’t you agree that Google has always been the most helpful one? Here’s how Google became the best friend to a girl who was about to end her life. 

A 24 years old girl who was traumatised and depressed as her boyfriend had left her decided to commit suicide. After getting a government job, her partner was pressurised by his family to leave her. Unable to cope with such an incident, the girl decided to end her life. She decided to end her life by jumping in the Yamuna canal, 4 km away from Saharanpur.

google did this when a girl searched for ways to suicide

Right before jumping, she thought of finding an easier method to end her life. She searched “How to commit suicide” on Google. Google, being the friend we have always approached gave the best answer. Instead of showing the methods, Google results showed “Suicide Helpline Numbers.”

Unable to think further, she dialled a number which connected her to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, who convinced her to get counseling. He even convinced her to come to his office. As the girl reach the DIG’s office, she shared her story with him. She was depressed due to the incident which had recently occurred in her life. Unable to think further, she decided to end her life.

google did this when a girl searched for ways to suicide

The DIG took help from the station office of the women’s police station to get experts to give counseling to the girl.

Technology saved this girl’s life and all hail Google for being sensitive and alert while giving out the search results. Google’s help by giving the helpline numbers instead of the methods to suicide was a very thoughtful help.

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