“My system crashed at the age of 33,” Says Deepak About His Tryst With Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes extreme mood swings, change in energy, activity levels. It affects the ability to carry out daily tasks. 

Deepak shares his story of battling Bipolar disorder with Bipolar India

Deepak was successfully working at the organisation. But he was a workaholic by choice and taking more responsibilities than he could handle. This led to a burnout. He found difficulty to sleep as he was always stressed about various things like the turmoil of students, continuous changes in the ERP system, logistic management and the fresh responsibilities he had to pace up with.

In computer lingo, my system crashed at the age of 33.”

In order to gain the lost momentum, he went on a sabbatical and enrolled for an MBA to gain management skills. This helped him to start afresh with a new perspective of life.

Deepak was aware of Bipolar Disorder as he had read about on the internet due to his extreme mood swings. He understood that he had to make changes in his daily routine.

“What essentially led me into trouble was overdoing things which I should not have been doing. With the advent of Internet, I was in office 24×7, 7 days a week, Non-Stop. Come on, even machines do need a rest. I was only human.”

Deepak knew that his lack of knowledge about BPD could continue to make his life difficult. That’s when he chose to seek help from an expert and approached Dr D. M. Gulabani from Pune.

He has been a great support and to tell you frankly, he hasn’t charged me any fee since 2004! I could muster the strength to tell the world about my experiences because of Dr. D. M. Gulabani.

Deepak has been better ever since. He is currently continuing with his job and also spreading awareness through his experience.

He has a very powerful message to all: “Ultimately it’s just mind over matter.”

We celebrate the #BraveSpirit of Deepak to break the stigma of mental health and accept his condition. He is an inspiration to all. Do you have a story inside you of struggle that you overcame with your brave spirit? Share it with us! You never know who can connect with your story and get the courage to keep moving ahead!

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