You Wont Believe How Easy It Is To Stay Organised

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The NAPO Survey of 2008 concluded that 27% of 400 consumers felt disorganised at work. 91% of them believed that they would be more effective and efficient if their workspace was better organised.

Being organised can help you be stress-free. At work, when you have your schedule planned you can avoid the stress of working overtime. You can have ample time to spend with your loved ones. Being organised can also help you balance your performance at work and your personal life.

While you may already know the benefits of being organised, you may wonder How can you be organised?

Here are 6 simple ways to keep you organised:

1. Make a to-do list and prioritise

The Federal Occupational Health has reported that for every hour of planning, 3-4 hours are saved from redundancy, waiting for information, not being prepared and poorly managed tasks.

Before you start doing any activity plan it well. Plan your work by having a to-do list. It will help you prioritise your work. You will avoid the cons of dependency as you would be prepared with a back-up already. Your tasks would be managed and executed well. This will finally help you know your work to do and also a plan on how to do the tasks.

2. Write down important things

6 Simple Ways To Keep Yourself Organised Always
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Visual reminders are beneficial while you have a forgetful memory. Write down everything, whether it is important or not. It’s not a healthy risk to depend on your memory as it may forget without an excuse. You can use post-its to write down important things. It will increase your chance of working towards the tasks written down.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

Everybody is different in their own ways. What may be right for somebody need not be right for you too? Understand yourself and learn to free your mind from being like other people. Find out what’s best for you and do things that way!

4. Break tasks into chunks

The Wall Street Journal (March 1997) reported that an executive wastes 6 weeks per year searching for misplaced information from messy desks and files.

Haven’t you heard of the divide and rule policy? When you have too many things to do or if a situation is difficult to handle then break them down into smaller tasks. Breaking down tasks into smaller parts make them more manageable and avoid procrastination. Difficult situations can get overwhelming and insurmountable but breaking them down can help you finish them easily.

5. Visualise the next day before sleeping

Plan your list of tasks for the next day before you sleep. Keeping things ready for the next day will help you prepare yourself for it. You will be mentally prepared to deal with the obstacles. It will make you a step closer to organising your next day.

6. Reward yourself

6 Simple Ways To Keep Yourself Organised Always
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You may need the motivation to do something which you haven’t been actively following. So reward yourself for small wins. Whenever you feel you have organised your day well, reward yourself. The reward could be your favourite dessert or an extra hour of sleep, but don’t forget to reward yourself!

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