In Just 5 Steps You’ll Achieve Your Goals the SMART Way

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Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there. ~Bo Jackson

When you set out to achieve something in your life, it’s vital to break them down into achievable goals. These goals can be something that drive you, or they can even be goals that help you unlock the very purpose of your life. It’s only by having goals do we prevent things from happening to us in life. Instead, we get the power to make things happen in our lives.

5 Simple Steps to Help You Achieve Your Goals


Unable To Follow Your Goals? Now Achieving Your Goals Is Only 5 Steps Away
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Here’s a simple series of steps that’ll help you go about achieving your goals with ease.

1. Write your goals

Did you know humans have approximately 70,000 thoughts per day? Whoa! That’s a lot of thoughts to have in a day, isn’t it?! But this complicates things as far as your goals are concerned because, entwined in all these thoughts, are all those amazing goals you set for yourself, goals that are surely going to be lost.

So how can you work around that? Just write it down. When you write your goals, you’re forcing yourself to be clear about what you want to achieve instead of beating around the bush. Just by writing down your goal, it starts to look realistic and achievable. And keeping these goals written down in a place that’s visible to you all the time, in a way reminds you of the bigger picture.

2. Aim for SMART goals

Having goals is important, but making sure they’re SMART is non-negotiable.SMART goals can be anything you would want to be, but if we were to suggest a simple structure for your SMART goals, this is what it would look like:

Specific- Frame definite goals. Don’t generalize them so that you don’t lose track due to the lack of clarity.

Measurable- Assign precise amount, date or anything which will help you measure your degree of success.

Attainable- Decide realistic goals which will be achievable. If you get a goal you don’t believe is feasible, it will only demoralize you.

Relevant- Set goals which are relevant to you. There is no use to set a goal which doesn’t help in your development.

Time-bound- Keep a deadline for your goals. It will keep you organized, and the sense of urgency will help you achieve them quicker.

3. Create an executable plan

Unable To Follow Your Goals? Now Achieving Your Goals Is Only 5 Steps Away
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When we’re planning our goals, most of us, fall prey to worrying about the outcome. Instead of that, if we just focused on how would go about achieving things, life would’ve been a lot simpler, and accomplishments, a lot more accessible.

You can start off by having a one-page plan to understand how you would like to achieve your goals. Write down individual steps and keep a check on your progress. Don’t complicate these steps as a simple plan is always easier to follow.

4. Keep motivating yourself

Research indicates that sharing your goals with a person close to you can increase the chances of you achieving your goal. Crazy as it sounds, it’s the truth. You see, goal setting is not a one-time activity. It is an ongoing process. You need to keep yourself motivated so that you don’t stop until you reach the desired result. As long as you make sure the relevance, value, and necessity are always high, you’re right on track to achieving them.

5. Celebrate your achievements

The world’s most successful people agree that what you ‘get’ by achieving your goal/s is not as important as what you become in the process. Unless you appreciate your efforts you may not be motivated to set another goal. Success can not be achieved overnight. It requires constant effort. But if you don’t succeed exactly what you thought of, you will definitely progress. You will have some learnings during the process and it is important to acknowledge them to keep yourself motivated.

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