Dear Zindagi Takes A Bold Yet Necessary Stand For Mental Health

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We at Team YourDOST were very excited for the movie Dear Zindagi. Mental health needs a lot of attention to create awareness among people. The movie does a great job as it tries to touch on various aspects of mental health. It breaks several stigmas attached to the mind.

Dear Zindagi is a story of Kaira, a cinematographer. Kaira, aka Koko, lives away from her family for a greater part of her life. She has been into more than one romantic relationships but none of them have made her feel safe. Her relationship with her parents is complicated as she doesn’t feel really close to them.

Right after her break up with Raghuvendra who is also her colleague Kaira finds it difficult to sleep. She has been forced to vacate her house in Mumbai because the landlord decides that he would no more allow single women in the apartment. Her life takes a roller coaster ride as she comes to Goa to live with her parents.

She is unable to sleep for days together and that’s when she feels there is something wrong. Coincidently Dr. Jehangir Khan was presenting a conference on the awareness of Mental Health at the venue of Kaira’s shoot. As she sat down to relax and try to sleep she overhears him and relates to all that the doctor had to say. Soon we find Kaira at the doctor’s place waiting to begin her therapy.

Here are a few lessons we all can learn from the psychologist, Dr. Jehangir Khan during Kaira’s therapy:

Dear Z 1

Dear Z 3

Dear Z 6 (1)

Dear Z 4    

Dear Z 2

Dear Z 5

The movie emphasizes the importance of mental health. It explains that the brain is a part of the body and it may need help too. Apart from mental health the movie also breaks several contemporary norms of the society against women. Finally, even the cliched thoughts about a psychologist are subtly brought out.

We are glad that Bollywood is coming up with such unconventional movies and opening up about mental health. Do watch this movie to support the important cause of creating awareness about mental health.

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