How Can Adopting A 01-Minute Habit Create A Successful Lifelong Impact?

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Each one of us is trying to be successful in one way or the other – be it at your job or home. There is plenty of advice available for one to be successful. Well, experts now claim that if you can build JUST this one habit, you are bound to be successful.

It takes just a minute of one’s time and can lead to success.

It is the 01-minute habit of summarising after you attend a meeting, a lecture, a conversation or any important event in the course of your day.

Write down the MOST important point right after the meeting, not after a couple of hours or at the end of the day. It might be a quote that struck you or the tone of the voice of the speaker or the thought that crossed your mind while listening. Just do right after that event. You might not develop any other habit, just this 01-minute habit can help you reach success.

This sounds easy and too good to be true. But it has impacts far more than we can recognise in the first go.

1 minute habit

How does the 01-minute habit help?

1. You will learn to identify what is crucial:

You may be very quick at taking down notes during a meeting or a lecture. But, writing down notes is not equivalent to this 01-minute habit of writing down the most important takeaway points. This is because the brain has to understand, interpret, prioritise and finally make decisions of finding the most important aspect of that event.

2. You will develop a sharp insight:

Your takeaway points will help you develop a sharp insight on what is important. You will be able to help yourself and  those who are working with you as this takeaway points will sooner or later be important for everyone. Deciding and prioritising what’s important may become exhausting if it has to be done from the scratch. This will ensure that your insight improves with time.

3. You will learn to listen better:

The 01-minute habit is most importantly dependent upon your concentration and listening ability. When you follow this habit you pay more attention to what is said and how it is said. Your participation in the discussion is also more focused and intelligent. When you concentrate better you tend to ask better questions which will prompt fruitful ideas. Your questions may also lead to actionable answers.

4. You will learn to avoid the trap of detail:

Detail is a trap because it blinds one from the most important aspect of anything. When you follow the 01-minute summarising habit, you tend to avoid all the noise and note down the most important things. The task of elimination is a highly respected ability and you will learn to master it.

5. You will have more time to act:

As you spend less time of interpreting, prioritising, planning and deciding, later on, executing will become much quicker. The task of reorganising your thoughts and lessons learnt to take the next decision will no longer be required.

Try the 01-minute review or summarising habit. You may be impressed by the improvements in yourself.

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