Kirti Kulhari, The Bold ‘Falak Ali’ Of PINK Shares That Talking To A Psychiatrist Helped Her Immensely

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When Falak Ali in PINK teamed up with Minal and Andrea to fight for justice against the boys who mistreated them, they won a billion hearts. The story and the actors connected with many young men and women in our country. The friendship among the girls resonated with so many girls out there and reminded them of the strength they possess.

Kirti Kulhari, the actress who plays the role of Falak Ali in the brilliant film is brave and bold not only on-screen but also off-screen. In an exclusive conversation with YourDOST, Kirti discussed mental health and its importance in a beautifully candid way. Her honesty is not only inspiring but also loveable.

“All of us are always worried about being judged, being condemned…We (celebrities) have similar problems like you do, like anyone out there in the world does”

Kirti also narrated an incident which occurred a few years ago,

“There was a time I was going through personal crisis myself. It was quite a few years back. I remember reaching a point where I was not able to do anything… I had lost my objectivity. I was almost losing hope of what’s going on…”

It isn’t easy to accept to have a mental illness. Like many of us, even Kirti had denied taking help. In her own words,

“…my first reaction was I’m not mad. It’s unfortunate, that’s how we see it. That’s how we ourselves see it and that’s how the world sees it. I’m not mad. What will my family think? What will s/he say? I’m okay, I can handle this.”

But, eventually, she did take help. She shared that it is not easy to be an actress or a celebrity. Celebrities have more people judging them. The number of people reached is directly proportional to the number of people judging. A life of an actor is not stressed free. Shooting has its own pros and cons. She shares that,

“I really miss my personal time because I think that’s also important not just for personal growth but even as an actor.”

Kirti is not just an actor but also a trained Indian-classical singer. Rehearsing every day is not only a stress reliever but makes her feel connected to herself. She spends time with her husband, and also cooks at times.

Kirti shared her experience where she had to take professional help to come over a situation. She said that she talked to her loved ones but was not able to think objectively about the situation. Also, resolving it on her own had not led to a permanent solution due to which the issue resurfaced again after some time. When it resurfaced, she realized that she had to talk to a professional.

“I actually went and spoke to someone. I spoke to a psychiatrist and that gave me a lot of perspective on everything. It gave me a permanent solution.”

Kirti concluded by saying that,

“Yes, the moment you know it’s beyond me, do not hesitate to call for professional help. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Like, when you have a pain in your neck, you bear it till you can and try to handle it first on your own. But when it becomes unbearable, you go to a doctor for help. It is the same way for mental issues. ”

Kirti is a true epitome of the modern Indian woman – progressive in her views and candid with her ideas. India needs more people like Kirti to set the right example to the many, many young people out there who follow Bollywood celebrities religiously.

You can watch the video of Kirti’s interview here:

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