Now Here’s A Man Who Celebrates The Birthdays of Street Kids

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I don’t understand how some people don’t think birthdays are a big deal! What is wrong in earmarking a day, just to celebrate the fact that you were born? It requires no achievement, no sacrifice, all we are talking about is reveling in the fact that you came into the World, and that is enough reason to celebrate!


So we all go out of our ways to make our partners’ and friend’s birthdays special. At times, we extend the same courtesy to our parents, especially for milestone birthdays like 50 and 60. But here we are talking of a guy who throws birthday parties for street children of Delhi, and many have taken a cue from him and do the same in cities like Pune and Bengaluru.

Meet Avijit Bajpai, a 31-year-old marketing professional. It all started one day when a few kids approached him at a signal to ask for money.

He noticed that a few of the children had discarded birthday party accessories with them. Avijit couldn’t get this image, and the thought that so many children aren’t even aware of their birthdays, out of his head.

birthday Party
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So he decided to tweet about it, and to his pleasant surprise, there were many people out there who came forward and supported him. And then, just like that, they arranged a birthday party at Connaught place. About 15-20 of them got together, each pitched around Rs. 600 and yeah, they had a party and have had one every Wednesday since then, organized by different groups of people, of course.

And when we say birthday party, they go the whole nine yards – with cakes, birthday caps, chocolates, activities and birthday gifts. Once a birthday gift they were asked for was  a week worth of ration, while another time, it was the school fees for a kid’s younger sister.

Avijit, who was taken by surprise by the traction of this movement and noting the fact most of the volunteers are working professionals, is seeking to collaborate with NGOs and other organizations to keep the momentum going.

To Avijit and the whole team – we think you’re doing a great job and wish you the very best!

Story Source: The Better India

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