Think Beyond Engineering/Medicine/MBA – 6 Unconventional Career Options for Your Consideration

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Let’s face it. Most of us have found ourselves staring at the degrees in our hand and wondered if we were ever going to put it to the use it is intended for. Hoarding degrees has become something of a trend these days, with parents forcing children to pursue degrees in fields their children are least likely to be interested in. What is the reasoning behind it, you might ask? 

“It will help you have a financially secure your future beta”, “MBA ke bina shaadi kaise hogi? (How will you get married without an MBA?), “Everyone is a doctor in our family. You must uphold the tradition.” Been there, done that, haven’t you? It’s tiring. It really is. Especially when all you would like to do is dance all day long, play video games, dress up and take selfies, make Dubsmash videos, perhaps even drink!

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Fret not fellow lost souls! There is no time like the 21st century to break these boundaries and explore career options in the fields you have always secretly wanted to make a break into.

Here are some of those whacky alternative career choices that are slowly coming into their own and becoming popular choices among people. 

I solemnly swear to you that these are real careers! 🙂

1. Photography

I know. You’re probably thinking this isn’t that whacky or uncommon. But let’s just ease into the list! Photography is steadily progressing towards becoming one of the most popular career choices for many people, including freshers as well as retired people who are looking for a more relaxed career option that is enjoyable as well as productive. What can be better than turning your favourite hobby into a financial venture that will allow you to have fun and earn at the same time? There are multiple types of photography jobs to choose from –

  • Adventure photography (seen those people with GoPros who enjoy extreme sports and photograph them? Yes. That.)
  • Wildlife photography (get as close to those pointy teeth as is possible and you’ve got yourself a winner!)
  • Wedding photography (make someone’s special day more special with your mind-blowing perspectives and skills.)
  • Travel photography (Nothing like being paid to chronicle your travels with those beautiful scenic photos.)
  • Fashion/Beauty photography (The opportunity to mingle with handsome men and women, who’s going to turn that down??)
  • Food photography (‘Nuff said. Just try to wait until after you’ve taken the photos to eat.)

2. Professional Dancer

Always felt like your calling was to have a staged production with yourself as the lead dancer? What’s stopping you? Go ahead and train yourself with the multiple diplomas and programmes offered by dance companies and become the twinkle-toed dancer shining on stage that you have always wanted to be! Already trained? No problem. Open your own dance studio. Approach small projects and offer to choreograph for them. Start small, but start. And soon you will be dancing your way on to Bollywood or Broadway!


3. Sommelier/Bartending

A sommelier is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional. Yes, you heard me right. You get paid to be good at drinking and judging the quality of alcohol! The job often requires the responsibility of developing wine lists and tools and requires a deep knowledge of how food and wine, beer, spirits and other beverages work in harmony.

Sommeliers are often found working in conjunction with culinary services and engage in training and suggest the pairing of certain wines with food that is complementary to it. So go get that certification today if you are quite the wine/alcohol enthusiast! But remember, this is a serious job!

A closely related job is bartending. If you find yourself to be quite the mixology expert at parties, mixing divine tasting cocktails, perhaps bartending will interest you. A part of the hotel management and service industry, many people are choosing to get certified in bartending. How exotic! Nothing like being able to mix your own margarita in the summer, eh?

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4. Game Design/App Design

Ever found yourself wishing that a game would have a particular feature that would make the game perfect in your mind had you had your way with it? Well, now you can! Many universities are offering degrees in video game design and conceptualisation as it is a growing multi-billion dollar industry with potential for you to let your creativity and imagination loose!

I’m sure many of us do things that make us cringe and groan and wish there was an app that could help with it and make our work that much easier. Who is stopping you from making that app now? Go make that app that pings the minute you leave the house without your phone charger! God knows we all need that!

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5. Food Critic

This one is for all those foodies who enjoy their food and drink. Get paid to visit new places and offer good and sound critique about what they have to offer in terms of ambience, food, quality, customer service etc. You just need to be willing to try all kinds of food (and the will to exercise!) and you’ve got yourself one of the coolest jobs in the world!


6. Stand-Up Comedy

Known as the clown of the group? Are you bursting with wise cracks and jokes that have people rolling around with laughter? Perhaps you have the gift of the gab and are observant of the world and people around you and their quirks, and have the ability to think quickly on your feet. Try stand-up comedy at a small theatre group or arts and entertainment centre close to you and perhaps you will have found your niche!


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