7 Everyday Life Hacks to Keep Yourself Happy

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Everyone wants to be happy but not all are willing to change to make that happen. Change here doesn’t necessarily be a complete shift from who you are but just an inclusion of some activities in your daily routine.


These little hacks can turn your boring routine to a cheerful day and soon you’ll start looking forward to the new day to begin.

Let’s see what these hacks are:

1. Smile

This isn’t a hack you may think but hang on to know how it can transform your day. We all know that face is the index of our mind and our mood reflects on our face. The reverse also holds true in this case. If you smile even though you’re in a tough situation your mind thinks you’re in a good mood and instantly you’ll feel happy.

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2. Reward yourself

For what I should reward myself, you may say. Write down some very short-term goals and reward yourself when you achieved them. In this way, you’ll feel more energetic and enthusiastic to complete more tasks.

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3. Exercise

In this busy modern world we’re getting no time for physical exercise, thus missing its benefits and also the joy of it. Even if it’s for 15 minutes daily exercise can boost your mood and makes you feel confident about yourself. It will also help you focus more in your work.

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4. Be a giver

We always think that happiness comes when we receive something, be it a gift or a reward etc. But for once just try giving it. I’m sure you’ll feel a lot more happy. Be generous and help everyone you can. Not for the sake of others, just to feel good about yourself.

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5. Show Gratitude

It is scientifically proven that people who show gratitude in their daily aspects are a lot happier and healthy. It boosts your mood. Thanking for what you receive can also improve your social bonds.  

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6. Spend time with loved ones

Spending time with your loved ones is one of the things that gives us hope even in difficult times. It ensures us we have someone to live for.  If you stay away from home make it a habit to call them everyday and share your experiences and see how you feel.

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7. Music

Who doesn’t like music? In the era of smartphones, music is just a step away. You can plug-in your earphones and enjoy music anywhere anytime. Music can alter your mood very fast. There’s even a technique called Music Therapy to improve our overall health. Let the music work its magic.

These are just a few hacks and there can be many hacks that are personally more effective for you. Never stop yourself from trying something new.

Vamshi Krishna

An engineer by qualification and voracious reader, Vamshi Krishna wants to make an impact on our education system by bringing positive change in the students. He is technology savvy and also interested in human psychology. Through Your DOST he wants to make his opinion count.