Architect Cum Dancer and Actor – An Inspirational Story

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Main Khwaabon Ki Shehazaadi Hun, Har Dil Pe Chhaayi,
(I am a princess of dreams, I am spread on all hearts)
Baadal Hai Meri Zulfe, Bijali Meri Angadaai.
(My hair are like the clouds, my movements are like lightning).

Creative as creative comes, Gowri Neelavar is an architecture student cum professional dancer and actor. She took the time out to share with YourDost, how she does the balancing act with such grace.

Here’s her story:


I was like this hyper-active kid who used to randomly dance for all kinds of peppy music. I started learning dance right from the age of 6. There was this award show on TV which was telecasted late at night and I got up in my sleep and started dancing to my favorite song. My parents were so impressed that they enrolled me to dance classes at Genesis.

Gowri, free style

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I am a trained Bharatanatyam and Indian contemporary dancer. My personal favorite dance form is Indian contemporary.

I was always an overenthusiastic student at the school. I was very active when it came to taking part in cultural programs in school and never missed a single opportunity to dance. I used to choreograph some of my school dance pieces for fests and other events.


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My parents kind of knew I have creative strengths and encouraged me to do similar activities alongside. Hence, I decided to study architecture. Architecture has really helped me mold myself into this diverse person. After junior college, I was very adamant that I didn’t want an IT job and was strictly against the idea of pursuing a career in software engineering.


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As for my future plans, I have grown into this diverse person with varied interests.    I enjoy multitasking and I take it quite seriously. So I will do all the things like dancing, acting and my architecture work alongside and hopefully will be able to pull it off!


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Young dancers should take dance seriously and not consider this as just another hobby. Give all your heart to the art form and it will love you back more, day by day. The beautiful person you will grow into will surprise you. Don’t settle for less and know your worth!



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