Why Being Single is Cool!

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I guess at some point or the other most of us have been caught up in that embarrassing situation wherein you are the third wheel for all your other committed friends. Initially, when the relationship starts, it feels pretty cool to be the intermediary, but as days pass somehow you begin to feel different, unattended and in fact annoyed with that entire (Public Display of Affection) PDA and cuddling.


These feelings are normal in all of us who are stuck with a bunch of committed friends. Either we tend to feel the pressure stressing upon us to get into a relationship or the urge to prove that we like being single. The first feeling is common especially when we start feeling excluded from conversations or when we feel like we have nothing to share like those lovie-dovie experiences. The second feeling gets dominant when you either start feeling lonely or when sometimes your friends try to hook you up in a random date with friends of their partner.

First , you need to chill. Stop thinking that being single among committed friends is weird. They too were single once like you and found their love now. It could be you in a while. You don’t have to speed up your life and goals to catch up with them. It is not a race. Your best buddies will understand that beyond sharing their relationship details with each other, they have much deeper and lovely connection with you.  So if you miss out with nothing to join in the relationship talk, you might just find another topic to chat about.

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If you haven’t found a partner you want to be with, you can always wait. If you don’t find the idea of having a partner that convincing, your single life is all yours to enjoy. And if you think your only problem is feeling awkward as the third wheel, then refuse to get into such situations or take humor to stop feeling awkward.

Your friend group cannot get to convince you about feelings that you don`t seem to have at the moment. Stop taking it as a sign of your group or friends moving away or for that matter excluding you. And if you think changing your relationship status will fit you in, you could have never been this wrong. Also, remember you do not have the need to defend your single life to keep it that way. Talk to your friends and tell them you have your way all set and they have nothing to worry about.

Being amidst a group of committed friends could make you feel a little awkward, but there is a lot of fun in the singlehood you are in. So club the perks of being single and a rich friends group and your life will be jinga la la. 😉

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