How to Manage When Away From Home for the First Time?

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There are different kinds of people in this world. There are people who would naturally adapt to the situation of staying away from home, as they join a college, better than others. At the same time, there would be people who would have never stayed away from their family for a day. Adding to the woes, some of them would be introverts. 

All of a sudden, when they have to stay in a hostel far from their parents, it could be challenging for them. Having been in this situation, I would like to share some thoughts that might be of interest to students preparing to stay away from home, in a hostel.

how-to-manage-when-you-are-away-from-homeFlashback: July 2011

I was preparing to leave home to a place over thousand kilometres away. I had never gone out of my state and never been on a train journey even. I am an introvert and don’t open up or make friends easily. Although I was excited to join college, it was pretty tough for me to imagine staying away from my family.

Back again: March 2016

I think I have experienced enough in managing this situation. These are few points I would like you to remember –

Make friends – I cannot emphasize this point hard enough. No matter how bad you are at making friends, you have got to talk to your roommates. Talk to people staying near your rooms. Go on walks with them and explore the campus. Visit new places. Those are your future close friends right there. Moreover, you never know, you might find someone sharing the same interests as yours.

Make Friends

Talk to seniors – This suggestion might sound tough at first but you have to stick to it. Whenever you face any kind of problem, there would be seniors who would be genuinely interested in hearing you out and helping you. I was interested in cars and in my first year, I came across seniors who had started a club named the “Society of Automotive Engineers”. There were members who were three years senior to me. But they were always helpful, throughout my college life and still are.

Talk to your senior

Pick up a hobby – This is something you could do fairly easily. I was always interested in sports. In my first year, I spent most of my evenings on the Football ground. The advantages were manifold. I developed a passion for the game and was always eager to learn more. I looked forward to playing every day. Additionally, I made a lot of friends because we had one common passion.


Talk to your family regularly – This would be advantageous for both you and your family. Your parents would also be away from you for the first time. Find time for them and talk to them. Talk to them about your first class, talk to them about your friends, talk to them about your professors, talk to them about your college.

Conversation with family

Remember, the years spent in college would probably be the best time in your life. You will come across a lot of people. You will make friends for life. You will go on trips. You will participate in various competitions. You will acquire new skills. You will do things that you would never forget. Keep busy.

Don’t you worry! It would be soon a home-away-from-home.

Barun Patra

The most important thing IIT Kanpur taught me was to follow my dreams. Writer by night, Terminator by day. I nutmeg for breakfast. Data and Startups are what interest me.