Common Man Stories – They Will Tell You About Living Life Their Way

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Every human being has a story to tell. Some sad, some inspiring, some happy and some mere facts. But one thing is common in all – Each one is special on it’s own.


We at YourDOST went hunting down stories of common people like you and me. These everyday men you see around are the one’s who have the most heart-touching stories to share. For them, life is a mixed package of happiness and sorrow. It is about living every moment in it, to its fullest.

He loves change. For him, the day life comes to a standstill, there is no more life in it. 

Amit, who assists the famous Hello paan-wala in Kormangala.

“I was born and brought up in Varanasi. The hardships of life hit me very soon but my childhood has taught me to take life as it comes. Teenage was not a cakewalk. I had to support my family and for which I moved to Bangalore. Here I started work as a chaat walla, but my love for change got me working with the Navy. I enjoyed it there because I got to travel, something that I always wanted. Someday I would be in Goa and some day in Andhra Pradesh! But my thirst for change again, made me leave that job and move into assist Hello Paanwala. Change is Happiness for me!”

For him, life is about living it independently. He respects freedom and independence.

Rathnesh, Pani-Puri Vendor near Jyothi Nivas College

“Seven Brothers in a small house in Uttar Pradesh – This was how my life began. When there are many mouths to feed, a person soon starts craving for an independent life. At an early age, I moved to Bangalore to earn a living for myself. I started off working for Restaurants but then I wanted freedom of being self-employed. That is why I left my jobs there and set up this Panipuri stall. Now I know I am making people happy by spicing up their life a bit.”

He has been through some of the hardest times. He has learned to respect every struggle in life. Struggles are the biggest teachers.

Hari Prasad, Juice Vendor in 100 Feet Rd, Koramangala

“Being left an orphan in the wide world at an age when many babies hardly learn to speak. I lost both my parents at the age of 1.5 years old. I was left in the “care” of my Chacha-Chachi. For me, my childhood had been daily rude taunts and a feeling of being lonely. When I reached my teenage, my cousin cheated me and I lost even the hope inheriting land which was mine. I was forced to move to Mumbai and start the job hunt. After a few years of hard work there, I moved to Bangalore. I am proud today, that I have raised two sons who are standing independently on their own. I don’t regret even working at this age because I know what struggle is. My grand-daughter sometimes comes along with me to work and her smile makes everything worth it for me!”

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Manish B Shetty

"Manish is a writer and film & theatre enthusiast from Bangalore, India. He has produced theatre plays and has experience in the field of event management. He is also passionate about reading and revolution."