9 Reasons Why Every Guy Needs A Girl Best Friend

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We all have those ‘bros’ in our lives. All those pranks we want to execute or simply discuss cars and football, it’s them we count on. In fact, we even have our own so-called ‘Bro-Code’.


But, someone whose presence we don’t appreciate much in our lives, are our girl best friends. Here are some of the reasons, why every guy needs, at least, one girl best friend – 

1. Sensible Relationship Advice:

She knows exactly how a girl’s mind works. There are many times when as boys we cannot exactly figure out where something went wrong and that is exactly when she comes into the picture and fixes that puzzle for you.

girl advicing her friend
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2. Best Dressing and Grooming Advice:

When you need a haircut or a shave, which colour suits you better and what you should wear for the weekend party – there can be no better person to give you this advice.

Grooming tips
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3. Shopping Becomes Much Easier:

Yes, it is a strong notion that girls waste a lot more time on shopping than boys. We as boys tend to make our choices very quick. However, at times when you need your wardrobe to have the perfect collection, within your budget, just take her along. She knows exactly where to find it.

Girl helps boy in shopping
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4. Best Motivation:

Whenever I feel low and I need that boost of motivation, I exactly know who to call. The words they use acts like the best dose of inspiration.

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5. Saviour At Times of Trouble:

If you are a prankster and likes to easily get in trouble, then you need to have that one girl best friend who for sure will pull you out of it by hook or crook.

girl fighting for boys
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6. Bring You Back on the right track:

We all end up making those silly mistakes and taking hasty decisions. That girl best friend knows exactly when to give you some advice. 

Girl Best Friend giving advice
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7. She will be your Sister or even your mother when you need one:

Having one girl best friend means you are never away from home. She will become a mother and scold you and at the same time turn out to be your sister and pick silly fights with you.

girl best friend acting like mom
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8. You will get to meet many new people:

Come on we all need to agree that, girls tend to make friends much easily than boys. Just spending some time with your girl best friend will give you loads and loads of new contacts.

Making a lot of friends
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9. You will have someone who will take you seriously:

Even if you want to simply rant about things or want to discuss some non-sense ideas, your girl best friend will never let you down. She will listen to everything you have to say.

Boy and girl having crazy fun
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It’s time for you to call her up and tell her how lucky you are to have her. Even better tag her in the comments below.

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