How To Increase Motivation Towards Goal

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I was in love with science till class tenth but on the other side numbers were my enemies. Although I liked maths but maths hated me, unfortunately, always a mismatch. My mark sheet itself an evidence as it constantly registers in all subjects “A” class and in mathematics it is always ‘D’ and sometimes ‘F’. A personal tutor was for my help, I cannot depend on him wholly. An entrepreneur is responsible for all the risk he takes, but his co-workers are only to assist him to opt the correct decision in business.


Few months were left for my 10th board examination. Tension and pressure occupied my head, seeing my parents, future, society, friends, etc. Till now I pushed aside the subject, but I decided not anymore and face it with the full confidence. Every time I give out or score low, I promise dad that I won’t duplicate it next time, but it took place every time. He lost faith in me. After receiving my pre-board results which was again a ‘D’ in maths, this time I promised myself not to him. As I mentioned above, I will confront it with full confidence. I stuck to “practice makes the man perfect” and applied the same here. Everybody faces the problem, but facing it courageously is not everyone’s cup of tea. Yes, the result declared after a few months and I scored ‘B’. I was very much happy not because I scored ‘B’ but I fought my fear, that was a great lesson for me. It is more important to achieve the goal rather see the outcome of it.

Happiness is the key to success. The spirit of happiness will run you to the achiever. Fail several times, cry hard, shout louder, but start again a fresh, run as it is your first chance. Always show yourself a second chance, it is yours only. You will definitely win.
The leaders are self-motivated that’s why they inspire us. I guess they might have missed some of the opportunities in their lifespan, they even cried, stressed, lost themselves in the mid. But they motivated themselves and achieved the goal. The same with us. Keep yourself tuned with positive people, stay with those who believe in your aspirations, read motivational and inspirational books and focus on good.
From your busy schedule take 10 minutes for yourself, introspect yourself before you get to bed. Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself questions like-
  1. How was your day today?
  2. Which part was the best in the whole day?
  3. Were you screwed up?
  4. Where you showed your negative attitude?
  5. Are you happy?
  6. Are people around you happy?
Like such questions, create them to improvise yourself. Justify each question with an answer and satisfy your emotional quotient. If you are not justified with the answers, then you need to work out on it.
You make a mistake, you are criticized, but don’t let yourself down. It’s okay to fail, no need to shame. It’s okay to lose concentration and get demotivated from the task. It happens to everyone, to me, with your friends, with your elders, with the big business man, every successful person here. Eat healthy food so your mind works accordingly. Don’t spoil yourself with something intoxicating which will baffle you, but you can examine yourself in the other direction.
I give more emphasis on meditation because most of us are lacking in controlling the situation. The situation needs to be controlled by you, but I have seen people go under the situation. A stable, strong and calm mind can only control the situation. This can only be approached when you are meditating. Nourish your mind by mediation and working out daily.
Speak what you feel. Share it with parents, with your mentor or with anyone you loved. They  will show you the way if you are unable to show yourself. Never hold your feelings in you. Our parents are our soul supporters.
A problem is big by the way we see it, but not exactly the big it is as we see. It is not that big which cannot be solved. See it from a different angle. A positive mindset will lead you to a positive solution. Never lose your courage, it is going to make you win. Face all your issues courageously.
Feel good about yourself in every bad and good times. Be happy in every situation. It is the key to success. I always say every hard time has its own way of going, but to face it courageously is the key task.

Swatilina Barik

Swatilina, a lawyer by profession is a die-hard music fan. She invests her time in reading books. She is a sports enthusiast and follows football religiously. She loves travelling and explore new things. She likes to express her opinion through her writing. Through Your DOST, she wants to reach the masses and spread awareness about things that matter.