9 Tips To Face Personal Interviews in MBA Entrances

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In continuation of our previous posts on how to prepare for GDs, we are sharing some useful tips and tricks to help candidates crack the personal interviews for MBA entrances.

Even the most prepared and learned candidates get nervous and anxious when it comes to giving an interview. Why, you ask? Because it is not about how much you know, it’s about how well you can communicate what you know and convince the interviewers as why you deserve a place in that MBA institute.


Here we share 9 simple tips to help you face MBA entrance interviews

  • NEVER LIE – If the answer to Why MBA is an increase in salary or leaving the boring job, so be it. But do think through before deciding your answer to this question.
  • BE CALM, especially in griller interviews. Some interviews are designed to test your patience and calm attitude as that is the most important for a manager. A calm manager who can think even when everything is going wrong is able to find a way out.
  • DRESS COMFORTABLY If a tie or a suit makes you uncomfortable, don’t wear that. Wear a simple dark trouser with a light colored shirt.
  • KEEP WATER, FOOD and some MEDICINES HANDY Interview day could be taxing and might take a toll on your health. A headache due to extreme pressure or a long wait might become a deal breaker – be prepared for the same.
  • HAVE AN OPINION for everything that is happening around you. Be it the JNU incident or the terrorist attacks. Keep your opinion in front of the interviewers but be open to hearing them out. Losing over a debate with them is not bad provided you did put your thoughts across in a logical argument. What separates a winner is his ability to impress the interviewer even in a losing argument.

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  • HAVE A PEN AND PAPER HANDY Sometimes the questions might be tricky or would involve calculation/ guestimation. It’s good to have a paper & pen with you for the calculation rather than throwing a bad result based on manual calculation.
  • TAKE PROPER REST Last minute preparation will not fetch you anything. Take proper rest – at least 8-10 hrs before D-Day. If you are travelling from outstation, its all the more important to reach the previous night and relax.
  • SMILE Don’t be tensed if you could not answer a silly question. Smile and tell them you do not know. See if you can take cues from them – expression or something they must have said – and give a smart attempt. At the end of the day, it’s teamwork!
  • UNDERSTAND THE CONTEXT  The person on the other side of the table might have more grey hairs than the days you have lived. Understand the context and ask questions rather than assuming something based on popularity. For instance, he might say Test Matches are better than T20s. Understand from what perspective he is talking – viewers/ player or business and answer accordingly.

Want to get more tips on how to prepare for personal interviews for MBA entrances and other competitive exams? Do talk to YourDOST experts.


Tuhin Akash is a management graduate from IIM Calcutta and a compassionate listener. He has 2 years of experience in teaching and mentoring students for various management exams and is passionate about career counseling. He feels that stress is one of the leading causes of depression, especially given the kind of race that students get into, at a very early stage. Through YourDOST he wants to increase awareness about mental wellness and wish to eliminate the stigmas attached in seeking psychological help.