6 Simple Ways to Tackle Homesickness!

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I went to London, Paris and also Rome!

But trust me there wasn’t anything like Home!

To imagine a life away from home itself is scary enough while to live away in actual is nothing but a challenge. Every person staying away from home will face the attack of being home sick. Here are some ways one can try and reduce its effect on his or her emotional balance:

  1. Reading Books

Books most of the times can be a person’s best friends. True, just like Katrina Kaif in a movie says, “No Complains, No Demands.” Reading books can help a person in keeping himself engaged and also travel to the magical world of fiction.


Reading books

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  1. Making many friends

Another way of keeping oneself free from homesickness is to, try and make a large number of friends. The key is to network and socialise. Having people around only helps in sharing both joy and worries. This way one will avoid feeling lonely.

Making friends

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  1. Travelling and exploring the new city with friends

The best way to feel home, while away from home is to make the new place as good as your own home. It is best to travel and explore the new city. This way you will be more familiar with the city and also travelling and seeing new places helps one to keep his mind relaxed.



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  1. Calling your family once, at least, every day

In a world where connectivity is not that huge an issue, it is always better to stay connected with family. Make it a point to get on a call at least once every day with some member of your family. This way it is easier to not feel left out.

connecting with your family

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  1. Having frequent video chats with family members:

Another really good way to avoid homesickness is to make the best use of Video calling. Have video chats at least once every week, when you can see your family members face to face.


video chats

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  1. Invest in hobbies:

What is more fun than investing some time in what you like doing? This will certainly help when someone feels alone.

invest in hobbies


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Finally, just don’t feel left out! You always have YourDOST! 🙂

Manish B Shetty

"Manish is a writer and film & theatre enthusiast from Bangalore, India. He has produced theatre plays and has experience in the field of event management. He is also passionate about reading and revolution."