9 Proven Tips to Handle Pre-exam Anxiety

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For a student, nothing can be scarier than the simple thought of exams. The stress they go through before appearing for exams is just mindboggling. We all have been through situations when, no matter how much we spend our time in studying and covering the syllabus, we always feel we are still unprepared to face the evil monster called examination! All of this only leads to something called as pre-exam anxiety.

If we are to believe in experiences, many times the very same ‘anxiety to perform well’ in an examination results in performing poorly. The reason is that we spend way too much energy and time in worrying than in actually concentrating on understanding the subject.

So here are a few ways that could help one deal with pre-exam anxiety:

1. Meditation

No matter, how boring this might sound, but is very useful in relaxing your mind. It’s a gift you can give your over-stress over-stressed brain, during exams.


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2. Sketching a quick schedule and religiously following it

This helps a person to anticipate how much of it is really there to study. Also, when you make a plan before hand, it saves you a lot of time, by not having to think about what to and what not to study.



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3. Ensuring that the schedule includes sufficient number of quick breaks

It is a very wrong notion that, a person who studies a long time, scores better marks. In actual it is more about the quality of the study time. It is an observed fact that when a person takes sufficient amount of breaks in between all the studying, it helps in concentrating better. However, it is important to note that, by ‘sufficient’ it does not mean taking a break every 5 minutes. This will affect adversely. Thus, have your breaks too planned out.


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4. Keeping your study group very limited

We cannot disagree that, today group studies have become the most common way of studying during exams. It has its own advantages, but also many disadvantages. Thus, though I am not against group studying, it is advisable to limit your study group to very less number of friends. Else, we all know what we end up doing. 😉


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5. Try and avoid social networking sites, unless it is your break time

It is very common, for students to have their Facebook open while they are studying. It is a very bad idea, as it leads to distraction. Limit your social networking abilities to only the quick breaks and remember to logout once the break is over.

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6. Do not indulge in asking friends how much of the syllabus they have completed

It is a common habit to discuss with friends on how much they have completed. Come on let’s deal with it! This idea of having a race in completing more syllabus with your friend can only ruin your ability to grasp the subject. Thus, the best idea is not to worry about how much your friend has completed. Rather, take your own time and understand what you study.


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7. Make notes while studying

Through this, it can help you memorize better, help you have the satisfaction of having something concrete to prove to yourself that you have completed the said syllabus and also can act as a quick guide for revision.



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8. Avoid skipping meals

In fact during exams due to more of mental work, it is advisable to have healthy and full meals, because your mind needs it. So to go on a crash diet during exams is certainly a big NO!

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9. Ensure sufficient amount of sleep

Your mind too needs some rest, just like you. So do a favour to your brain and give it sufficient amount of good sleep.



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Spend that energy and time on concentrating rather than worrying about what would happen if you fail, because trust me worrying about failure will only help you fail! Good Luck! 🙂

Manish B Shetty

"Manish is a writer and film & theatre enthusiast from Bangalore, India. He has produced theatre plays and has experience in the field of event management. He is also passionate about reading and revolution."