Why 99% of managers are not leaders…

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Subject Leader Manager
Essence Change Stability
Focus Leading people Managing work
Have Followers Subordinates
Horizon Long-term Short-term
Seeks Vision Objectives
Approach Sets direction  Plans detail
Decision Facilitates Makes
Power Personal charisma Formal authority
Appeal to Heart Head
Energy Passion Control
Culture Shapes Enacts
Dynamic Proactive Reactive
Persuasion Sell Tell
Style Transformational Transactional
Exchange Excitement for work Money for work
Likes Striving Action
Wants Achievement Results
Risk Takes Minimizes
Rules Breaks Makes
Conflict Uses Avoids
Direction New roads Existing roads
Truth Seeks Establishes
Concern What is right Being right
Credit Gives Takes
Blame Takes Blames

(Source: http://www.changingminds.org)

Managing and leading people, as it were, involves a lot of interacting. Dealing with emotions and logic. Dealing with people from various backgrounds and cultures. Managers and leaders need to think and act dispassionately, and distance themselves from prejudices and conceptions.

There are many occasions where both the subordinate and the manager/leader share intentions to work hard and produce results, but due to lack or poor communication, the relationship may fall through. All this is same as dealing with people outside of office.

We would love to hear your take on the style of managers you have worked under, and if you are a manager, what is your style of working and dealing with people and challenges. Please share your experiences below.

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