Learning Better Leadership Throughout Remote Work: Rahul’s Story

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Learning Better Leadership Throughout Remote Work: Rahul’s Story

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” —Jack Welch

The pandemic has been a testing time for the entire world, especially for companies and employees in remote work. Now that our homes have become our office spaces, maintaining the work-life balance and properly managing teams has become a daunting task. As a Talent Acquisition Consultant in Recro, Rahul faced similar issues at the onset of the pandemic. 

Rahul’s productivity at work had started to decline as he found it hard to focus on work while working from home. To cover up the lags, he had begun to even work late at night, resulting in poor work-life balance altogether. Not just him, but his entire team was also not productive and going through similar turbulence of emotions working in a remote environment. The fact that he could not set a better example made him feel responsible for everybody’s ineffectiveness. He started getting angry more often and felt like he was becoming harsh with his colleagues too. Although he hadn’t made any changes in his usual daily routine throughout the lockdown, nothing was still deemed to be in place. Rahul wasn’t new to the stress of the idea of counseling, as he had sought help before. So when things started to feel out-of-hand, he decided to reach out to YourDOST. 

Rahul found it hard to cope up with personal life and professional life due to the remote work.

“The ice-breaking session helped me to connect with my counselor better.”

Rahul was initially a little skeptical about online counseling, yet he decided to give it a try. They had an initial ice-breaking session which helped Rahul connect better. Taking that ice-breaking session as an example, the counselor suggested Rahul conduct similar sessions with his colleagues. Rahul started sharing all that bothered him with the counselor, and with every session, he felt a little more comfortable doing so. 

The ice-breaking sessions with his colleagues helped Rahul understand his colleagues better. He was almost surprised to know that some of his colleagues were national athletes too. These small icebreaker activities helped them connect better and build a rapport which further enabled them to work better.

Adding to that, The counselor suggested Rahul also have brainstorming sessions that would help him stay connected with all the work and have everyone on the same page. Through these, they were all able to prioritize and divide the job better. 

Rahul went with an open mind for counseling sessions and did not step back from trying online counseling sessions.

“She was upfront and helpful.”

Rahul’s counselor was very clear about everything during the sessions. She patiently listened to him and helped him through his difficult times. He was made aware that he will have to put in the effort to see changes in himself.

“Counseling is all about you trying it out and examining yourself based on how you have changed.” Rahul went with an open mind for counseling sessions and did not step back from trying online counseling sessions. He gave it a try before deciding if it was good or bad for him. Rahul wants everyone to give it a try before deciding on the ill effects already.

“If you find it not useful after a few sessions, you can always stop counseling sessions. But give it a try”, Rahul says. 

After all, if you don’t try, you’ll never know. 

Rahul’s Warrior Tips:
1. If you want to change and feel better about yourself, you should put in the effort.
2. There is nothing impossible.

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