Weekly Mantra: How To Wake Up With Enthusiasm

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IN BRIEF: This post addresses one of the most hardest things people try to accomplish, the ability to wake up with ENTHUSIASM. We all hate the sound of the alarm clock in the wee hours of the morning. But, read through below to get some important tips to wake up with a smile on your face.

Waking up in the morning is the hardest task we all have to get done wether we like it or not.

No matter the time, we always feel lazy and sleepy when it comes to getting out of the bed in the morning. In fact our waking up style determines how we are going to feel during the rest of the day. This moment sets the tone for your entire day.

Weekly Mantra: How To Wake Up With Enthusiasm

Most of the times we tend to fall back asleep. We just do not want to get out of the soft, cozy, and comfy bed, from underneath the quilt. This disposition sends the exact signal to your brain saying, ‘It is okay, go back to sleep, for another 10 minutes‘.

Have you ever noticed that, if we are anticipating a long journey with friends or family in the morning, or a day out with friends, we wake up immediately with so much enthusiasm? This is because, we look forward to the day of enjoyment. But when its just another day where you have to go to work or college, it is rather boring, isn’t it?

Here is what you can do to stay active and to wake up with enthusiasm

The moment you hear the most irritating noise i.e the sound of your alarm, react to it by sitting up and pumping your fists and say ‘Yeah! Let me get something interesting done today‘, loudly. You need not raise your voice, feel that urge to accomplish something fantastic, feel it deep in yourself.

Weekly Mantra: How To Wake Up With Enthusiasm

This sends the signal to your brain that you are active, happy and fresh and the brain gets all ready to work actively.

Shaifali Verma

She is Masters in Counseling Psychology and also holds a Diploma in Life skills and Reproductive Health from Christ University.She is experienced in dealing with adolescent , relationship issues, transgenders and psychological trauma in relation to cancer and health issues.Shaifali believes in teamwork, effective communication and spreading & sharing smiles.There's one philosophy that she lives by - There's positivity in each and everyone of us, which when tapped and directed correctly, brings out the best in us.Through YourDOST she wishes to spread smiles by letting people share their burden, bring out their positive side and make them feel empowered.