Are You Ready for These Mind Tricks?

1 minute

Inside the cranium sits the most complex mass. But in-spite of its complexity and uniqueness, our mind can be easily tricked. So are you ready to test if your mind is strong enough to handle these tricky yet fun mind tricks?

Do give it a shot, it’s really fun! Between, I could get 5.


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Liked the puzzle?

Well, sure you do! Solving puzzles have many recognizable benefits, for instance, 

  • It improves your IQ

  • It improves concentration

  • It improves your problem-solving skill

  • It also improves productivity

Solve more such logical puzzles everyday – watch this space for more such puzzles. 

And finally, if you like the puzzle, don’t forget to challenge your friends to see if they can score better than you!

Manish B Shetty

"Manish is a writer and film & theatre enthusiast from Bangalore, India. He has produced theatre plays and has experience in the field of event management. He is also passionate about reading and revolution."