VIDEO: Will Smith – Mindset Wisdom

1 minute

Will smith’s mindset wisdom says it all! It has helped me have a mindset towards my dreams in life, helped me have self – confidence and self – esteem. Helped me see the world with different eyes, if you listen closely, you will see that this is actualy a how to excel yourself! My friends and myself live these powerful words throughout the day! So you too, dream big, dream of a better life, a better world, have confidence on yourself, learn from other people’s wisdom develop a mindset towards your goals and excel!


Santhosh is a lover of the English language. He has a scar on his forehead, which makes him belive that he is the Indian Harry Potter. He has been working in various fields since his teenage years. He has a Masters in English Literature, and an Executive MBA in Project Management. Santhosh is an avid reader of books on philosophy, self help, comedy, and fiction. His favourite authors are P.G.Wodehouse, Christopher Hitchens, and Jeremy Clarkson. He is a ruthless supporter of Manchester City Football Club.