Society's View on Single Men and Women

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The society we live in has the perfect way of being biased among genders. No matter what your marital status is, their treatment and thoughts towards genders always occupy the extreme ends of a long reality rope.

Society's View on Single Men and Women

Single men and women today face the exact same treatment from the society. Although they have proven they are no less efficient and independent than each other in almost every arena, we still have unchanged opinions from the society about staying single and that is biased.


Even though on the whole the idea of marriage walks parallel to you as you grow up, the idea seems much closer and imposed upon women than men. The pressure seeds the idea in women that they will require a partner without any doubts to have a life that they think can be called complete.


Society's View on Single Men and Women
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Women somehow have been put at this situation wherein they start looking for the Mr. Right much from the moment they begin to date, as they do not want to let the guy slip off. Also the society as well assumes that women will settle down with every guy they date, for what they think women should want out of a relationship is only marriage.

But somehow the issue and peer pressure to get married does not start off much early for men, although as you hit your 30`s the society crowds around to remind you too often than necessary. But the best part is most men mature and decide to settle down by the age of 30 and hence look for a serious relationship then, thus having a very relaxed attitude about it in their early days.

Our culture portrays a single woman much like a failure than an independent person. They take them to have some flaw which is keeping them single. It somehow makes marriage and finding the man as the ultimate purpose of life while any alternate choice is rejected as an unwanted aim in life. For a woman to be single even in her late 20`s seems like a warfare. She has to fight every question the society has for her in order to face everyday. And the questions have not much to do with her career or goals or her dreams, but just settling down.

Although today women have proven their purpose of life with other great achievements, the pressure still continues to haunt them. They see a role of a woman as a wife, a parent to serve her children. Yet single men look much like an able bachelor and a potential rather than a bane to the family. While this isn`t completely true, as mostly after 30`s even single men go through some pressure to settle down, it still stays within their choice to do so or not.

Whether it is marrying or remarrying, a woman has to go through the trials of the society before having to make her choices, while men always have the option to not having to do so. Because even in eighties marrying a young girl stays in his options, while it is never so for women. The society should get that fact that a woman is looking for a title that isn’t necessarily ‘Mrs’, but something that can give life to her dreams. Because every dream has a different title.

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