How Mentally Strong Men & Women Are Different

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Both Women and Men have different ways of being mentally strong when dealing with different situations in life. Let’s explore how different each of us are when it comes to being mentally and emotionally strong!


Traits of Mentally Strong Women

1. They don’t give in to fear

The unique quality of emotionally strong women is that they choose to be “fearless”. It is a common notion that women love to be perfectionists. They like to make sure they succeed even before they try something, so they avoid the threat of failure. However, a mentally strong woman takes up a challenge and believes that she must go after things that scare her. These women can be bold and fearless – if something fails they know they can move on.


2.They don’t dwell at rejection or criticism

Emotionally strong women are resilient. For women whose entrepreneurial nature of work makes them vulnerable to all types of criticism, it’s important that they are able to withstand any obstacle.

At times, women do wonder, whether or not to take the criticism in a positive way. So they reflect overnight about others’ thoughts and opinions. But, don’t let it affect them.


3.They are least afraid to seek help from others.

There is no such thing that being strong and independent means you cannot take help from others. Mentally strong women surround themselves with valuable people easing the burden of their personal and work-related challenges.

Let’s  be honest here: all of us need that one good venting session. For every strong woman, there is a close-knit support system with mobile phones in hand, ready to listen or even be there at her doorstep when needed.


4.They never shy away from letting people know who they really are or how valuable they are

Emotionally strong women always believe in themselves. One characteristic all emotionally strong women have in common is “self-confidence”. That self-confidence lets them face every battle headstrong and stand up for themselves at any given circumstance.


5. They don’t measure their self-worth based on others’ opinions

Emotionally and mentally strong women never care about what people think because they build their lives on their own terms. Therefore, someone else’s opinions don’t hold any importance for them.


Traits of Mentally Strong Men

1.They learn from the past and its experience

Men tend to become mentally stronger from their past experiences. Be it a relationship, work, family or external environment. This makes them think almost two to three times before they take up something new again.

They tend to think of all the pros and cons to make sure they don’t get hurt again. This might be from a business point of view or even a relationship. Of course, they do love taking risks to explore!


2. They never limit their potential

Mentally strong men do not limit their potential. They might seem a little quiet about themselves but that doesn’t mean men don’t have dreams and that they can’t exhibit their fullest potential. They approach their targets very steadily. Their drive to fulfil their dreams is almost like the phrase: slow and steady wins the race.


3. Men set goals for their self-transformation and growth

Men who are emotionally and mentally strong work towards growth and self-improvement rather than trying to prove to others who they are and what they are capable of.

They like to explore themselves first and see what they can do for their betterment, and moreover, to feel self-content with their set goals. This can be something about changing their nature, understanding to mould to others needs and also to achieve their dreams in terms of work or success.


4.Men don’t like self-pity

Emotionally strong men cannot stand self-pity and neither do they believe in it. They rather think what next to do about a situation they are in.


Example, if one has lost his job he is unlikely to sit crying over it and give others an impression that he feels sorry for himself in that situation. A man usually thinks what next can be done, how to rectify it. He would explore more about himself, his capabilities and make sure he secures himself with a better job.

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Niki Rajan

Mental Health Counsellor, Certified Counsellor from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, MSc Psychotherapy & Counselling.