Depression In Women

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IN BRIEF: In this post Dr. Sarah elaborately explains how and what kind of situations and phases put women in depression. And addresses the reasons why and how can she come out of it with adequate help.


Women have always been more at risk for depression than men are as they are more emotional and sensitive. A woman also undergoes many changes during her life time which may cause depression. The causes of depression may also be negative thinking, pessimistic views of self, the world or the future. Depression can be seen in a mild, moderate or severe form. The signs and symptoms of depression are:

  • Feelings of being unworthy
  • Significant changes in sleep and appetite
  • Loss of energy or fatigue
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Diminished ability to think or concentrate
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Severe forms of depression with suicidal thoughts

Women may be depressed due to the following reasons

  • Marriage: Living with husband and his family in a new home can be difficult
  • Relocation: It maybe due to marriage, education or work. Living in a new place without support of family and friends may be difficult
  • Work related difficulties: Women may find it difficult to manage their career and work efficiently, there might be problems such as night shifts, late hours, non cooperative colleagues, harassment at work and safety issues
  • After childbirth: It is termed as Postpartum Depression. Here the mother feels depressed and needs support for herself and her child
  • Concerns with body image: Women are more conscious of their body and physical appearance.If they are unhappy or not satisfied with the way they look, they may feel depressed
  • Family issues: Issues with parents, siblings or In-laws can also result in depression
  • Relationship issues: This is one of the major causes of depression in women, as women value relationships a lot and any issue here can show effects on other areas of their lives. Break up, separation and divorce being the main reasons
  • Loss and bereavement: When a woman loses her loved ones, it leaves a lasting impact on her and she may need more time to cope and come to terms with life
  • Health issues: In general health issues affect a woman’s feeling of well being, more so when it involves her fertility and her essence of being a woman. A woman who is not able to conceive perceives herself as though she has lost her womanhood

Women may also abuse alcohol to get over their depressed feelings but it does not help as alcohol itself is a depressant. Women may also be abused physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually leading to depression. In mild and moderate forms of depression, getting emotional support through counselling helps to overcome it. In severe forms of depression which has been long lasting, medication maybe needed along with counselling to control depression.

Here are some sources with tips to beat depression


Dr Sarah is a Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Kuvempu University. She also holds Diploma in personal counselling skills. She has experience in dealing with addiction, relationship issues, stress, anxiety and depression. She believes that communication is an important skill that helps to solve many issues in life. She has an interest in cooking, likes to meet friends, is easy going and believes in living life in the present. Through YourDOST, she wants to help people convert their negative situations into positive ones.