Colleagues who make life difficult

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IN BRIEF: In this post we look into the kinds of colleagues who make your life at work extremely challenging. We mostly cover the silly things people do which make you go hell for leather.

We are at a mid of a week and we have all the reasons to be busy with our work. But, there’s one reason why we dread going to the college and/or work; it is that one super annoying, hell spawn colleague waiting to make life miserable. We all deal or have come across at least one of these as follows:

1. The Whiny Whinerson

And there they start!

Alone Hi is depressing with this colleague. They can whine about almost everything. Ranging from the uncomfortable soft chair to the pencil on their table, yes…I mean the pencil they own. It always the lights are to bright or too dim, the global warming and how it keeps their coffee warm for long…there’s no end. You will only enjoy these people when you are a shrink and making money every hour.


2. The Know-it-Alls

twilight_break_dawn_Kristen_st_i knew it

Your opinion? Yea, nobody asked for it. And yet they are there to tell you all the why’s and how’s of everything. Seems like they have acquired a joint PhD in Math, Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Physics and wait, not to forget, Annoyance! Their cat phrase being “I told you so.” Yea, you told me so, you always tell me so, ever planned of becoming an Astrologist? Might as well make some money out of it.


3. The Poke-a-nosers

none of your businessThey might not have kanoon k lambe haath but definitely have Humare lambe naak! They need to poke their nose in all of your businesses. Whether your grandma died or you want to throw that left over chocolate in trash, they’ll reach there faster than a wifi connection. Yea, we all wish for a “Trespassers will be prosecuted” hoarding allowance.


4. The Who’s the Stupidest of All

Truth has been told!

Yes, it’s them. It’s not in terms of their IQ, but my gosh so stupid. You tell them to proofread that mail you sent and they’ll ask questions like “even the grammatical errors?”

“Yes” “oh, and also the placements of ‘and, but, however,’ right?” I mean, lookup proofreading in the dictionary kept on the left of your desk, all covered up in dust….just like your head.


5. The ‘sssh, I have news’ Gossips

When you actually don’t careAnd it isn’t a Ssssh anymore after they have told it to every other person they meet. Even the chaiwala bhaiya for once, knows about that man who started to workout for getting better marriage prospects on


6. The Pinocchio Challengers

Sing it to them Rihanna!If Pinocchio were true, he would’ve taken classes from these people. Lie detector machines aren’t required given the amount of straight from the origin of white coloured lies they speak. They never received your whatsapp message after those two blue ticks, they were stuck in traffic at 7 in the morning, and they definitely did not get that call, now how would they if they were BUSY LYING THEIR BUTTS OFF.


7. The Group Troop

Groupism explained at its best

They take you back to the sketch of the cafeteria by Janis in Mean Girls. These people won’t let you be in peace if, for once, you speak for a long time with the people from the “other” group; of course you broke the so-called law!


8. The Chatterbugs

Like, Seriously!If there was a remote to shut people up, the world would be a better place to live. The “hush” word was invented for these people as they chatter like a monkey on a topic “shoot me!” You’ll never understand how they get their work done with all the chatter they do all day long.


9. The Bossypants

Yes, it is scary...for ALL of us

This type of fashion is available in the market now at the price of the nickel for everytime someone has asked your list of people you wish were never born.
They never let you RIP. We all work on deadlines and they know the work will be submitted one day before yet, you have them over your head like a fan filled with all the euphemisms of “complete your work”.
Oh, and if the work assigned is done, they have a list of stuff ready for you to do. These people make you regret your talent of doing something right or lets say existence, in general. You’ll never know what they do as they keep dumping their stuff on others.


10. The Couch Potatoes

Yes, you CAN if you GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTTMiracle of work with them is surely a snooze fest. They won’t even hold their head up when you talk. Their desks are messy, the garbage smells, there are packets of Balaji wafers on the desk since the last week and they simply don’t care. Cat pharses include “Yes, I’ll complete your work, don’t worry” Well, I won’t worry if you actually mean it. And, “Oh, I’ll do that after sometime” Unless sometime is not unless you stand over my head and yell!

If you feel I’ve missed out on some, mention that in your comments and stay tuned for Part 2.

Naairah Sharma

Naairah Sharma is inquisitive and treads the path to her heart. She is a student of mass media, journalist, martial artist, photographer, and a writer. She is currently freelancing to hone her skills. She loves to write, read, paint, sing, dance and SPEAK through all of them.