Weekly Mantra : Vocal Workout For Better Pronunciation

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Use of speech is an important criteria when it comes to interviews, addressing a crowd, or making a presentation. Clear pronunciation and diction is something we all seek to work on.

Weekly Mantra : Vocal Workout For Better Pronunciation

It helps people receive our thoughts and ideas clearly making them more comprehensive. It is also known to enhance confidence and self esteem, especially among all those who speak English as a second language.

So, here is a very effective tip to practice everyday and especially before an interview, giving a speech, or making a presentation.

Weekly Mantra : Vocal Workout For Better Pronunciation

These Three phrases shall help you get a complete JAW exercise, thus making you better at articulation:

  1. Tip of The Tongue, The Teeth, and The Lips.
  2. Enunciate, Articulate, Exaggerate.
  3. Bubble Gum, Double Bubble Gum, Triple Double Bubble Gum.

Quick Tips for pronunciation:

You can do this vocal exercise everyday in front of the mirror so that you get to observe your jaw movements. This shall help you hear yourself clearly too, which can lead to a better evaluation of your pronunciation.

When you use a dictionary online, do listen to the pronunciation of the words you search for.

Use your tongue to make crisp pronunciations. Repeat all of these phrases twice. Or any one or two of these phrases 3 to 5 times.

What are you waiting for, begin today!

Gargee Kanhere

Gargee is your special friend from YourDOST team. She is a clinical psychologist and has experience of working with various hospitals in Bangalore and Bhopal. Her areas of interest are Positive Psychology, Psychotherapy, Assessment, Mindfulness, special education, De-Addiction Counselling, Psychoanalysis, Yoga Psychology, Psycho-Oncology. An extremely compassionate person who finds happiness in helping others.