Weekly Mantra: Greeting Tip

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IN BRIEF: Among the social awkward among us, greeting a stranger in a social environment is quite nerve wrecking. In this section we devise simple steps and techniques to concentrate on reducing tension and stress, and to greet pretty much anyone with confidence.

Meeting new people, social gathering or talking to others can be an anxiety provoking situation for many. Having to think what to say and making a good first impression just adds on to the pressure and the only question we keep asking ourselves is “How will i talk?”

The more we think, the more the imagination and thoughts pile up making us feel more nervous. The way people express, look, the way they react makes us even more scared to start a conversation.

In a situation like this what really helps is chance of focus

When you are meeting someone for the first time, look into their eyes and try to notice their eye colour.

Weekly Mantra: Greeting Tip

Avoid their facial expressions rather focus on their eyelashes and the colour of their eye and bring a smile on your face. If you are unable to make eye contact focus on their nose, look at its shape.

Weekly Mantra: Greeting Tip

How will it help?

Focusing on a particular point or thing helps to divert our attention from the facial expressions as the more we look at facial expressions the more we try to judge the other person’s thoughts which makes us feel nervous while the smile will make us look confident.

Shaifali Verma

She is Masters in Counseling Psychology and also holds a Diploma in Life skills and Reproductive Health from Christ University.She is experienced in dealing with adolescent , relationship issues, transgenders and psychological trauma in relation to cancer and health issues.Shaifali believes in teamwork, effective communication and spreading & sharing smiles.There's one philosophy that she lives by - There's positivity in each and everyone of us, which when tapped and directed correctly, brings out the best in us.Through YourDOST she wishes to spread smiles by letting people share their burden, bring out their positive side and make them feel empowered.