Laughter As Stress Relief

2 minutes

Laughing is the simplest cure that anyone can take up without having to deal with prescriptions and huge medicine bills, results are unbelievable. Laughter is a natural way of dealing with the bad stress.

Many people seem to be sceptic about the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine”; yet the results this therapy is generating are truly inspiring. As a result now a days, there are many Laughter Clubs or Laughter Yoga classes raging in India. However, can simply wearing a smile on your face decrease the level of the stress in your life? When it is done right, it certainly can.

Benefits Of Undergoing Laughing Exercises:

  • Laughter triggers the bunch of chemicals which boosts our immune system such as NK cells, endorphins, serotonin, growth hormone, interferon-gamma (IFN) and a host of other beneficial substances produced naturally every time we laugh heartily for extended periods.
  • Laughter stimulates circulation and aids muscle relaxation, both of which help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.
  • By enhancing the free flow of emotions, laughter can help dislodge blocked emotions stored in the body. Suppressed or blocked emotions can cause ongoing physical, mental and emotional problems and stress. Laughter provides an excellent non-violent method for emotional release and catharsis.
  • Laughter reduces the level of stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine(adrenaline), dopamine and growth hormone.
  • Laughter helps improve the cardiac vagal tone, which reflects how much your heart rate is influenced by your breathing. It’s an indication of your body’s capacity to regain calm after you’ve been in a stressful situation. Higher the cardiac vagal tone lower is the risk of heart failure, strokes and diabetes.
  • Laughter is also termed as Eustress – Stress that is good for you. Just as Happiness is to sadness, Wealth is to Poverty, Laughter is to Stress. It balances the negative emotions and makes you feel elevated.
  • If we recall there was a character in a movie Munnabhai MBBS named Dr. Asthana played by Boman Irani. This character had a habit of laughing in extremely stressful situations. The intent of this habit might be to induce humour, but today, lots of research have shown us that it is indeed a good habit.

So next time

You are upset about something? – Laugh it out.

Had a long day and feel stressed? – Laugh it out.

Want to break free emotionally? – Laugh it out.

Remember Laughing Out Loud is actually good for you!


Charmy Chitnis is a Physics Graduate from St Xavier's Mumbai. She loves to compose music and play guitar during her free time. She is a trekking enthusiast, likes meeting new people and trying new adventures in life. Being an avid writer, she wants to leverage YourDOST platform to convey her thoughts about mental issues with people.