10 Simple Ways to Show Your Love And Affection to Your Partner

4 minutes

All of us want to show our love and affection to our loved ones. It is because we care, adore them, value them, and respect them and much more. So what are the ways in which each one of us could show our affection and what could it mean?

Set aside some time

We live in a world that just keeps going constant and we wonder what to do next while keeping a busy schedule. Regardless…we live on our phones! So, keep your ears open for an art of listening. Sit together with your love or even a family member. Go for a coffee, date, a serene place near a lake for dinner and just hear each other’s thoughts. It will bring closeness between the partners and also let them unwind themselves.

Offer an unexpected kindness

Ask your loved one whether s/he needs some break  by asking “ Can I take you out somewhere, somewhere you can relax and take your tensions away for some time?”. This can strengthen the relationship and bond, due to expressing concern towards to loved one that you ‘care’.

Surprise Gifts

Not needing a reason to gift their loved one. It needn’t be an expensive gift, but something that will put a smile on their face. These could be a photo of theirs, a new coffee mug with a picture of you both on it, chocolates, something they really like to keep to remember you each time they see.  When you do this to a loved one, a person you care for, they really realise how much you VALUE their love and care. It’s a great way to ‘fade away’ even the smallest misunderstandings we all tend to have.

Write a Note

“I still love you when you get angry with me!”. Have you ever thought about saying that to your loved one? A small note put on their desk or the kitchen top will certainly brighten up their day. Makes them realise there is so much more to understand as individuals about ‘affection’.

Childish Play

Everyone has the child in us.  Tickling and hugging one and other is another form of pure love and affection. The laughter two people can share can bring a lot more attention to one and other, bringing big smiles to each other’s face and also the warmth when you hug. This builds more ‘rapport’ between two people in the form of love.

Cooking for your loved one

Surprise your loved one by making something of her liking. You don’t need to be a professional to cook. Just the effort to put your love into a small dish makes says it all! Sometimes when you do this once a while it can matter a lot for the other partner/individual.  Not just gives him or her break but how ‘thoughtful’ you are.

Dream your travels together

Dream up the destinations the two of you have in your mind on a diary. Then plan up a short vacation together by picking the place you both would enjoy. Advance planning will also make you both look forward to the event while you both can discuss where to stay, eat, relax and detox and spend a quality time with each other. This will help both understand the ‘explorer in you’ sharing the likes and dislikes.

Blindfold Getaway

Blindfold? Yes, blindfold your loved one and take them for a long drive/surprising place where you really bring a big excitement in them. For no occasion at all! These thrills and curiosity needn’t be shown for a purpose, but just for the sense of joy you give them, inducing ‘love and compassion’ into each other.

Music and Games

A background with lovely music which you and your loved one usually listen to, while you play a favourite board game together for a change. Make the evening ‘enjoyable and relaxing’, as it helps you both have fun and ‘delete all the external tensions’ from work or other aspects of your  life.

Holding Hands

Not so simple as it sounds. Yet it’s such an important component in our life to hold our loved ones hands. It’s the most powerful way to show your love which can speak for itself. Hold your partners hand wherever you go. Might be for a walk, a shopping mall, park any other place. Why?’ It feels natural, relieves pain, add a sense of connection, warmth and peace.

Niki Rajan

Mental Health Counsellor, Certified Counsellor from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, MSc Psychotherapy & Counselling.