FRIDAY 20 NOV: 19 Year Old Commits Suicide Due To Ragging

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P Krishna Chaitanya, a 19 year old B.Tech student from Satyabhama University, Chennai has committed suicide. The boy was from Hyderabad. He took his life allegedly due to incessant ragging for over 6 months.

Krishna hanged himself, dangling from the ceiling at his home in Hyderabad. He left behind an 8 page long note describing his ill fate of being mentally and physically abused by his seniors. For more than six months Krishna was coerced, after much mental and physical assaults, to run errands for his seniors.

Some of them made him purchase mobile phones from the money he received from home. An instance of retaliation was treated with a black eye, about which Krishna had to mask the humiliation by fibbing to his parents that he “fell off his motorbike”. His father immediately took him to an eye clinic to get him patched up.

With abject and incessant ragging, the young mind of Krishna could handle the misery no more. He writes in his note that, upon arriving at his home city Hyderabad, for Diwali vacations, he decided to take his life to put an end to the problems. This news was accounted on The Indian Express today, and casts a dark shadow on the way students are being bullied, driving them to extreme mental exertion.

Just to imagine the loss his family has to bear with is just crushing and unimaginable. It is instinctive to blame the university authorities to have let indiscipline run rampant which eventually led to this sad state of unnecessary sacrifice of a teenager.

It is to the law makers and the administration of the education departments across the country to scrutinise student behaviour to limit or to put an end to the menace that is ragging.

But, the troublesome questions that need to be answered are, 1) Why do students become such thick skinned and become bullies driving the victims to take dire decisions? and 2) Why do the victimised not reach out for help within their friends circle, or to the college administrators or even their parents?

There are other serious questions remain unanswered too. What causes rage in these momentarily-uncultured-idiots who bully the non aggressive ones? Who knows. But, I would implore every student reading this tragic story of Krishna to observe and notice your college campus for ragging and bullying. We at YourDOST are ready to listen to students with any issues and offer methodical solutions. We all should take responsibility to prevent anyone taking their lives. Everyone needs help, and we are here to help out.


Santhosh is a lover of the English language. He has a scar on his forehead, which makes him belive that he is the Indian Harry Potter. He has been working in various fields since his teenage years. He has a Masters in English Literature, and an Executive MBA in Project Management. Santhosh is an avid reader of books on philosophy, self help, comedy, and fiction. His favourite authors are P.G.Wodehouse, Christopher Hitchens, and Jeremy Clarkson. He is a ruthless supporter of Manchester City Football Club.