Pet Therapy: How Dogs Can Reduce Stress

1 minute
You can love me or hate me, but you cannot ignore me!

Dogs are the most loyal species on planet earth. They are considered man’s best friend. Do we really need a reason to love them? No, right! Nevertheless, what if I told you that people with Dogs live longer than others? Yet another reason to love them, isn’t it?

Harvard based study claims that people with Dogs are fitter both mentally and physically.

This “attention-seeker” friend of yours is so full of energy that you can’t ignore but engage with him. This is what results in more movement by pet owners on an average. It is also believed that the warmth in his eyes makes us share really deep secrets to him without any worries.  A small walk with him and you forget all what has been occupying your mind for days.

Do you have a pet? Tell us how this sweet creature has helped you feel rejuvenated in the comments section.

If not, then GO GET ONE!

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