Are Indians Born To Lead? #TheNextIndianCEO

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Sundar Pichai, an Indian from the humble state of Tamil Nadu rises the ranks of the world’s internet giant Google to become the CEO

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Too used to it?  Lets look at some of the Indians who are leading from the front.

Satya Nadella (Microsoft)

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Indira Nooyi (Pepsico)

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Ajay Banga (Mastercard)

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Shantanu Narayen (Adobe)
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and many more.. Does it raise questions in your mind? Are we born to lead?… Is the world realising our potential? Finally!
You are right! In the 5 year research study conducted by Jim Collins, he attempted to identify the qualities that define the leadership ability in people. He divided the abilities into 5 different levels with Level 5 being the qualities required to be an effective CEO, a selfless attitude of leading the people where one gives credit for good results to his subordinates but owns the bad results. On the other extreme is Level 1 which consists of knowledgable people who are very substantial contributors at an individual level.  
The study proves the role of culture in the management style of people for the two countries. The table below very clearly indicate how Indians ranks higher than US in almost all levels of leadership. 

We, Indians are born to be likable by others. Same is the story of the most recent announcement of Sundar becoming the Google CEO. Here is what the Google VP has to say about him, “I would challenge you to find anyone at Google who doesn’t like Sundar”.