What NOT To Do In A Relationship

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When our nails grow long we cut the nails but not the fingers. Similarly in a relationship when misunderstanding grow up, cut the ego and not the relationship. 

Nothing comes easy and though being in a relationship is one of the most beautiful feeling, it is not easy to maintain. When small things can make us feel good, they can also make us or our partner feel bad. 

A smooth relationship is something that we all want but at times we forget to work on it. Relationships require constant monitoring, time and energy. But apart from this there are certain other things that can come in the way of our relationship.

Following are the few things that comes naturally to most of us but should be avoided in a relationship:  

  1. Unsaid expectations: “I never expected this from you”, a common statement that we hear a lot. We all expect a lot of things in a relationship but it is important that we voice those expectations out. Expecting the other person to understand everything that you haven’t said is a big NO.
  2. Trying to alter their behavior: We have all heard that “opposites attract.” But after a point we tend to get into a pattern where we want to change our partners and wanting them to be like us. In a case like this, it is important that we take a step back. Every individual is unique in his/her way of handling and doing things. Trying to change the other person will only change your relationship.   
  3. Violating personal space: We all are familiar with the concept of being “two bodies and one soul” when in a relationship. This is a really romantic feeling but taking it too seriously can only hamper the relationship. Although two people are in love and are together it does not mean they have to do everything together. Forcing the other to be with you all the time is only taking his/her personal space away from them which can hamper the growth of the relationship. 
  4. Ego: Statement like “Why should I?” or “Why do I have to be the first at all the times” have the potential to kill a relationship. Ego is a relationship’s worst enemy and the lesser it is, the healthier the relationship. A relationship is all about balancing and making it up for the other person.
  5. Assumptions and avoiding clarification: Fights are a normal phenomenon in a relationship but to stop talking after a fight and avoiding confrontation & clarification can weaken the bond between the two. Communication plays a very important role and should not be avoided in a relationship. Life becomes easy when we talk.  
  6. Taking the other for granted: Being in a relationship is all about appreciating the other person, making them feel loved and reciprocating it. Small gestures of love and small words like ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ hold a lot of power. Small things that your partner does for you and for the relationship are worth acknowledging. 

Swekriti Bhatnagar

Swekriti Bhatnagar is your special friend from YourDOST team. She is a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Christ University. She is experienced in dealing with adolescent and relationship related issues. She believes in the power of communication and that everyone has the ability to change. Through YourDOST she wants to help people vent out their worries and wishes to make a difference in the lives of people