5 Simple Things You Can Do To Uplift Your Mood at Work

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Not getting worked up at work can be a lot trickier than you think. Some deadlines make the “You’ll be fired” kind of noise as they pass by your workstation, the last minute emergency projects that catch you off the guard, or even casual discussions about work-life balance can suddenly make you feel like you’re missing out. Woooo, it’s a lot to handle in one work day, isn’t it?

But don’t you worry. We’re going to dish out a few simple things you could top boost your mental health at work.

1. Get off to a RELAXING start.

Don’t plan to wake up after hitting the snooze button for the third time, instead plan your morning schedule such that it gives your mood the uplift it deserves. Little things like sipping on your favorite tea with that favorite track playing out in the background can make mornings before you get to work a lot more magical, and also make you feel in control of your day right in the morning. Now this will help you get into the headspace of you need for a productive day at work.

2. Chuck out things that make work boring & dull.

Instead, surround yourself with things that give you the shot of inspiration or motivation you’re looking for. It could be anything from pictures of your favorite band, motivational quotes or even objects that evoke the feeling of peace, should do the trick.

3. Think small, set out to win big.

Sweat out the small tasks first, and restrict your focus to the task at hand for that moment. Say, pick up five things you want to get done in a day, after that, just take steps, to crossing off these tasks from your list. Taking it small, step by step, gets you the satisfaction you so crave at work.

4. Don’t eat at your desk. Step out.

Get some sun, as you saunter to a place where you want to grab that quick bite, this can give your mood the much-required boost, as stepping out not only helps you decompress for a little time, but also gives you the headspace to take on the rest of the day.

 5. Help out a colleague.

As surprising as it sounds when you’re feeling low or anxious at work, helping someone out can be extremely beneficial. Volunteer to take up a little training for a colleague who’s finding it hard to work on a project or approach them with the idea that you think could work for them, basically, when you try to ease someone’s worries at your workplace, you end up a lot less worried at work.

Aren’t these things too simple not to do? Got any cooler tips or hacks to reduce stress at work? Let us know in the comments below.

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