Which Superhero Is Your Mom?

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Starting our “Superhero Mom: series with SuperMum :
You’re looking for that thing you put away knowing that you’re gonna find it there anyway. You’ve now looked everywhere but you can’t find it. Then you gently go, “MUMMAAAAA, I CAN’T FIND MY CALCULATOR.” SuperMum just appears, and finds it exactly where you had looked for it a 100 times. She’s the saviour we have but don’t deserve.

Spider Mom

Pinky ate your Aloo Parantha while you hogged on that delicious Veg Puff in the school canteen. “Hahaha, Mom’s never gonna find out”.
You thought Your Friendly, Neighbourhood, SpiderMom won’t find out?
There’s no escaping her “Spidey Sense” buddy. BUSTED!!!


Momverine swoops in!! Slash! Slash!
*I’m perfectly fine now* πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Ma Xavier

Ma Xavier : Who broke this vase?
Me : Uhhh….Ma…It was a… uh…a cat, YES A cat! It jumped in from the window and broke it.
Ma Xavier : You really think you can lie to me? Ma hoon, sab janti hoon.
Me : πŸ™

Bat Mummy

You enter your home. A voice comes from the shadows “Did you eat?” You look around with horror wondering, “Who was that?” **POOF** Noooo, why is she up at THIS HOUR??!!
Little did you know, she doesn’t sleep until she has seen you eat with her own eyes.
What’s that? You ate out? Too bad. There’s no escaping the clutches of BatMummy and her “Foodarang”
Bon Appetit.

Amma Hulk

You’re having an argument, and you snap back at her. OOOOOH SNAP!!! What have you done??? You have awakened the monster inside her!!! PREPARE FOR THE WRATH OF AMMA HULK!!
OMG!!! Nobody can save you! You have only 2 options :

Option 1 – Face Amma Hulk and pray to the almighty for the best
Option 2 – Read Option 1

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