The Best, Last, Final, Ultimate Guide to Quit Smoking

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Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable diseases and death; 1 of every 5 deaths.

You have all read the disclaimer: Smoking cigarette is injurious to health. But you conveniently ignore it. Once you make smoking a habit it takes over you. Even if you want to quit it doesn’t let go of you easily. Getting rid of addiction is not an easy process. It requires continuous efforts. 

How can you quit smoking then?

Current smoking has declined from nearly 21 of every 100 adults (20.9%) in 2005 to about 15 of every 100 adults (15.1%) in 2015.

1. Explore reasons for quitting

Unless you have more than one reason to quit, you may lose the motivation. Your motivations will keep changing so write them down. Writing them down will become a reminder and a record of your thoughts. Recording these thoughts will act as a reservoir of strength and motivation.

2. Don’t do it in a go, stop gradually

Smoke your first cigarette of the day later than usual. Thus, your number of cigarettes smoked can also decrease over the course of a few days. Focus on reducing smoking rather than quitting in the first go. Carry a fixed number of cigarettes rather than an entire pack. Thus, you will be able to keep a check on yourself. Avoid buying any more cigarettes during the day.

3. Avoid your smoke buddies

Avoid hanging out with your friends who usually smoke when they take their smoke breaks. Try adopting new habits. They will help you destress in a fun and effective way. Understand what you like and continue to do that instead of smoking. It could be as simple as 10 minutes talk with somebody who hasn’t spoken to for a while.

4. Build your support system

Get support in your family and friends. If you’re thinking about reaching for a cigarette, reach for help instead. Ask your friends and family to encourage the new non-smoking you. You can also try reaching out to a support group and also visit Nicotine Anonymous. They will provide with intensive support.

5. Keep healthy snacks handy

8 Tips To Quit Smoking To Live A Healthier Life

When the urge to occupy your hands and mouth hits, it can be helpful to find a substitute. Carry chopped veggies like carrots or fruits like apples and grapes with you. You can also carry any type of nuts (almonds, walnuts and peanuts) as they also help the cravings.

6. Keep nicotine gum handy

Nicotine gum is especially helpful when you are highly tempted to smoke. The purpose of nicotine gum is to get just enough nicotine to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms but not so much that the gum gives you the same effect as cigarettes. If you aren’t experiencing strong cravings, you may not need the gum or you may be able to cut down on the number of pieces. Be sure to mark these on your schedule so you can make sure your overall usage is declining over time.

7. Collect savings in a see-through jar

8 Tips To Quit Smoking To Live A Healthier Life

A visual reminder of savings will keep you going! Buy a big see-through jar and place it in a visible place –  on your refrigerator, near your bed, etc. Start putting the money you have been saving by not buying cigarettes in it. As the jar fills, you will be motivated to save more.

8. Meet your dentist

Time to correct the yellow teeth caused by smoking! You might also want to visit your dentist now that you have reduced your smoking. A good cleaning of teeth leading to a shinier smile can give an immediate boost to your self-esteem. This can also serve as another excellent reason to stay quit.

Quitting cigarette smoking can get difficult but your consistent efforts can help you. You need to stay away from the urge. You can get personalised guidance from experts at YourDOST.

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