How Can You Decide If You Should Stay Or Leave A Relationship?

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When things go wrong in a relationship, you know it. The madness that you once had with your partner has suddenly gone haywire. You are irked by everything the other person does be it good or bad and leads to bad fights!

Based on a study, couples who desire to stay together based on moving toward a goal are more likely to stay. While those who explain that they are staying in the marriage to avoid pain or fear of the society do not seem to have an enduring relationship. 

With these murky situations around, a small undermining feeling always keeps sweeping us i.e to stay or to leave.

But before you take a decision, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Is it you or him? There are times when we take the other person for granted. Thus making us want more and more from the other person. In the competitive world, we live in, there could be times where you feel you alone could take the word on but its only because of the cushion your partner gives you. We don’t realize if they weren’t there how will things turn up. 
  • Are you compatible? Interests and hobbies run hand in hand in when figuring out life with a partner. If you are poles apart then somewhere there is bound to be a lot of friction. So list out the things you enjoy doing together and if there is something you haven’t done in a while, try starting it off again. With this check, if you still enjoy their company. 
  • Is it just a bad day? Relationships go through different phases. It is also related to what to of you both are going through in your lives apart. Maybe work pressure or handling in-laws get on to your nerves and make you feel you should run away. See this from a third person’s point of view and if this is a just a bad day because of some other reason, you need not panic.
  • Do they add value to your life? From millions of people around you have chosen to be with someone because they help you be a better person. Under this feeling, they advise you, make you happy and most importantly stand by you through thick and thin. If someone is not adding any value to your life and making you happy, then it’s worth speaking out 
  • Perineal Problems? Fights are always there but if one person is stuck and running around one problem of the past then you need to reconsider. As they don’t wish to figure it out, instead they keep hovering over the same thing every time there is a bit of friction. 
Finding people to replace a person is always the easy part but figuring out with the same people is the most difficult thing you can do.

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