How Does It Feel To Marry Your Absolute Opposite?

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It has been 4 years to my marriage and I am not ashamed to confess that many times I thought, “Why is he not like me?” I wish I could share my favorite chocolate pastry with him but he loves chilies and I hate them. I wish we could watch sci-fi movies together but he hates them. We have many instances of having different opinions but we understood how to come at a consensus.


I always knew that we are opposites and life would not be like a cake walk with him. Since our initial days of dating, we naturally tried to understand each other. While understanding that we have different opinions he did not make me feel weird about myself.

We both accepted our differences and supported each other to be the best of ourselves. So, despite knowing we are polar opposites I am glad to have loved and married him.

I agree, it seems to be more convenient if my husband was like me. But, while living with him I learned that we don’t have to be similar to love or understand each other. He showed me that while choosing a life partner what you want and what you need can be agreeably different.

Some of you, like me, would want a mirror of ourselves but need someone who can challenge us. We need someone who can inspire us to be better and love us despite knowing we can’t change. He has been that someone to me.

The easiest way to live happily with your spouse who is your absolute opposite is to help each other grow individually. The perks of having married to my opposite are that together we have become better people. We can listen more patiently, are more open to adjustments as we have to go out of our comfort zones.

While I am an adventurer he is more cautious. Despite being scared of heights we had our honeymoon on one of the rarest and tallest peaks of the Himalayas. I was worried that he would not enjoy it but he surprised me by expressing his happiness for having such a wonderful lifetime experience. Through my relationship with him, I learned that having opposite interests has made us learn new things.

He is a book lover and his passion for reading inspired me to try a few. While reading the books he suggested, I learned more about life. Our conversations have been so vast and always worthwhile. I have understood myself better through him.

We have been helping each other improve each day. Growing together this way becomes our lifelong ticket to happiness.

While I was younger I wanted to date someone who was more awesome than me, but now I understand that my husband helps me retain the best version of me. I feel it would have been a monotonous life if I had nobody to challenge me to become a better self.

Being absolutely opposite to my husband I understood that we complement each other. If I am weak he is the stronger and we continue to switch places according to situations.

We lost our first child even before he was born due to an accident. I was devastated and continued to blame myself. He, on the other hand, was more mature at handling our loss. He looked after me while I needed emotional support. We have been living like two hands interlacing, each of us filling the gaps of the other.

Having said that, being betrothed to your opposite can be infuriating and frustrating at times when your wants tend to overpower your needs. Opposite couples have their own problems in general. Compromise becomes a core aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship. You need to look at each other’s likes and try liking them. There will be times when you just have to bite the bullet and like what you partner likes. You may have to be generous and selfless in your actions. 

Marriage is an adventurous journey but marrying your polar opposite can be a wild ride. I have thoroughly enjoyed living with my husband, despite having common ups and downs. Opposite couples tend to complement each other by openly agreeing to disagreement.  

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