Video: Have No Regrets

1 minute

What are the things we regret the most when we are on our death bed? Is it really the things we did in our lives, or the things we didn’t do. We have one life, one opportunity to do what we want to do, what we were meant to do. So do what you believe in this life so that later you don’t have any regrets.

Shaifali Verma

She is Masters in Counseling Psychology and also holds a Diploma in Life skills and Reproductive Health from Christ University.She is experienced in dealing with adolescent , relationship issues, transgenders and psychological trauma in relation to cancer and health issues.Shaifali believes in teamwork, effective communication and spreading & sharing smiles.There's one philosophy that she lives by - There's positivity in each and everyone of us, which when tapped and directed correctly, brings out the best in us.Through YourDOST she wishes to spread smiles by letting people share their burden, bring out their positive side and make them feel empowered.