Is Finding a Meaningful Job Ever Possible?

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Young people today want to take up a work with purpose. Finding a job is easy, but finding a meaningful job is tough. A meaningful job is the one that makes us happy with the work rather with the benefits of it. It has almost nothing to do with the money. If your work is something you love, it will give clarity, drive, and happiness to all aspects of your life. If your work is meaningful, you’ll be more likely to stick with it in the long run, which means you’re more likely to be successful as a result.

But not everyone is experiencing the joy of meaningful work

First, it’s important to accept that there is no right job when it comes to finding meaningful work. It is important that any kind of work can be meaningful if it is challenging. A meaningful work/job makes an impact on our lives and allows us to live a quality life. To do so we should know WHO WE ARE. If you are truly unsure of what to do, then work on growing yourself as an individual.

Do we need to change careers if our current job fails to provide us with a higher sense of purpose?

A research says that, employees are usually more likely to find meaning at work if the job helps them achieve some longer-term goals. One need not change their jobs or feel guilty if it’s not worthy to others, because the same job which may be meaningful to one person may not be to the other. A mix of talent, passion and skills can give us a meaningful job. The satisfaction of job does not solely depend on the money. That is not to say that money does not motivate: it does, but only because of its ability to increase a person’s status and freedom. And the effects of money on happiness tend to saturate after a moderate salary is reached. Meaningful careers and jobs are made of our personal journeys to get closer to who we are and what we value, and what defines us.

Upon completion of graduation many people get to walk to their core jobs. For some people those jobs don’t satisfy them. But thinking that there will be no choice to make a career again people continue with their jobs. So, now the question of finding a meaningful job arises.

If you think a particular job can make you more alive, then start developing skills required for that job. And never make hasty decisions with half-knowledge. Find as much as you can about the choice by talking to the people who’re already in that profession. But don’t forget, there is no clear way ‘up’, it’s just a series of projects or jobs, one after another.

Vamshi Krishna

An engineer by qualification and voracious reader, Vamshi Krishna wants to make an impact on our education system by bringing positive change in the students. He is technology savvy and also interested in human psychology. Through Your DOST he wants to make his opinion count.