7 Ways to Become Your Community Rockstar

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In this blog, we look at how you can be a more responsible citizen and help your community in a better way

Help Your Elderly

Helping the elderly

Offering to get involved by helping elderly people in the old age homes shows them a lot of care and concern as many of them stay there due to economic compulsions of children, changed value system, neglect, and also the need to be in a new environment where they could see people their age and have a healthy social life too. They really appreciate when a volunteer comes in to talk to them and hear out their concerns or day-to-day activities.

Source: wowamazing.com

Clothing pick-up



Most of us have more than plenty of what we really need.

Knocking at your friends and neighbours doors, asking them to donate from their closets which they don’t use or wear anymore and giving it to the people who are in need by donating it to different NGOs will help put smiles on the needy people.


Piggy Bank



Have a piggy bank like the good old days.

Drop in a small amount each day for a cause and give it to a charity. It needn’t be big numbers. Smallest money counts and it will go for a good cause. Example, heart foundation.





Be a Tutor



If you are really good in a subject, you can just volunteer in your class by telling your friends that you are you can be available for them to help out.  Sharing your knowledge and being helpful will always be respected by other people.




Love your Animals



Volunteer at a nearby animal shelter on weekends by taking dogs/kittens for a walk or giving them a bath. Try fostering them at home till they find new homes if it is okay with your parents.

It makes you feel so good and surely makes them feel special.





Care the Homeless



There are many ways you can get involved with helping the homeless. Why not volunteer at a soup kitchen, offer to put together essential supplies at an NGO who distributes food for the homeless or raise money and awareness at your workplace or school?


Source: www.therecord.com


Busking in Your Community


Busking or having public performances is not just done in other foreign countries. Why not Busk with your guitar or other talents, along with your friends which can also be done as part of raising money for an organisation/trust? Normally people just do it for fun and many people just enjoy it and reward with some money. This can be well utilized if you want to raise awareness for cancer, for the disabled, and much more.

Niki Rajan

Mental Health Counsellor, Certified Counsellor from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, MSc Psychotherapy & Counselling.